How to fix your Facebook News Feed so it's chronological

How to fix your Facebook News Feed so it's chronological

Summary: Whenever Facebook launches a new design, things get misplaced.If your favorite way to browse Facebook is to browse your News Feed chronologically, here's how to fix it:Login to Facebook at http://www.

Whenever Facebook launches a new design, things get misplaced. If your favorite way to browse Facebook is to browse your News Feed chronologically, here's how to fix it:
  1. Login to Facebook at! instead of just, and click "Most Recent" at the top right.

  2. Scroll to the bottom and click "Edit Options". In the bottom left of the popup under "Number of friends", enter "5000" to see more recent updates in your feed.

If you want to filter by only status updates, click the Friends tab on the left column. Then hit Friends > Status Updates. Facebook is trying to build a better social experience for you, but it's hard to embrace change. It sucks that you have to "hack" your user experience though. The greater challenge is trying to filter out all that noise :)

Topic: Social Enterprise

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  • Yep it sucks when you have to hack it.

    And now it takes two clicks to log off!
    • Yea, that is a pain

      I noticed that myself... what a terrible flow.
      Andrew Mager
  • Status Update on the Top?

    Last edition, you used to be able to move status updates to the top of the list on the left, which made it your default when you went to the Facebook homepage. Any way to do that now?
  • RE: How to fix your Facebook News Feed so it's chronological

    This assumes you can even get in...for the past 24 hours I keep getting a message that they're doing maintenance. I wait, file an issue only to get an automated reply saying "Some users have been experiencing difficulty logging into and using the site for several days." I would be curious to know how many people have been affected?
  • Master Joe Says...Downhill

    When I started using Facebook, back in 2006 sometime I believe, it was extremely simple, and didn't offer a whole lot of what is offered today. Since then, I can remember at least 3 major layout changes. What annoys me is the trend. With each change in layout, it has become progressively worse, and navigation has become progressively annoying and difficult. If Facebook developers were smart, they would allow the user to specify what users want on their home page, and where they want it. Or, at the very least, they would allow the users to select from a list of templates, using what fits best for you. Personally, I didn't mind the last layout much. I liked applicatiosn beign accessible from any page, nto just the home page. I liked being able to quickly navigate through different applications, while having easy access to notifications. The notifications access is still easy, but application to application navigation is no longer so easy. Facebook is becoming more and mor elike Google. They focus on what THEY want and what THEY feel is best for the user, rather than letting the user make that decision for themselves. It's like the federal government. Maybe a study should be done on Federal Government Syndrome. I bet if you were diagnosed with FGs, you could collect disability and all kinds of other "free" stuff from the government. =P

    --Master Joe
  • Get rid of even more Facebook junk...

    To further clean things up, there is a bookmarklet
    will get rid of all of the "so-n-so is now friends
    so-n-so" stuff from your feed. You can get it at
  • OK, so how DO you filter out all the noise?

    I want to see status updates, links, and photos, but really don't want all the "Betty is now friends with Bobby," and "Ricky is a fan of Being a Fan" stuff. I saw the bookmarklet thing above, but don't want all the other junk that goes with it (I don't play mafia wars, and in fact block those applications).

    Any news?
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  • RE: How to fix your Facebook News Feed so it's chronological

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