Please Dress Me: A tee shirt-ch engine

Please Dress Me: A tee shirt-ch engine

Summary: When great minds collide on the Internet, anything is possible.Take the Vaynerchuk brothers for example.


When great minds collide on the Internet, anything is possible.

Take the Vaynerchuk brothers for example. When they put their heart into something, it skyrockets.


Gary uses the web to connect with each and every one of his thousands of fans, and still manages to host a 20-minute wine program, aka The Thunder Show. His little brother AJ just completed an internship at Revision3 and is finishing up his senior year of college in Boston. He takes after his big brother in a lot of ways too. In my few encounters with him, I've noticed his passion and willingness to learn new things on the web.

These brothers, along with coder Joe Stump (Digg), and designer Chris Henslin, have built a tee shirt search engine called Press Dress Me.


The idea is simple: reach out to tee shirt websites and integrate their products into the search engine. So far, AJ says they have over 100 deals in the works.

You can narrow down you search by category, color, or price too.


Unlike many startups, this one has a heavy social media presence. They link to their Facebook fan page on the front door of their site, and they have social links in the footer.

I'm excited to see this take off. There are so many good shirts on the Internet, but they are hard to find. Hopefully, Please Dress Me will bring all these great threads together.

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