Blue Coat Systems launches cloud security service

Blue Coat Systems launches cloud security service

Summary: The company has unveiled its cloud security service for businesses, which is designed to protect users from security errors and infections


Blue Coat Systems on Monday said it will roll out a cloud security service that will enable it to better target smaller businesses and remote offices as well as diversify its revenue stream, which relies on hardware appliances.

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The web security and wide area networking (WAN) optimisation company said its first foray into software-as-a-service (SaaS) will revolve around the Blue Coat Cloud Service, which will launch with a web-security module.

With the move, Blue Coat will take the software embedded in its security appliances and offer it as a service. Blue Coat's security appliances hunt for malware and attempt to save enterprise employees from themselves. Many security issues are caused by user mistakes, infections via social networking and other web tricks.

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