BlueAnt Pump HD Sportbuds hands-on: Wireless headphones built to stay put and sound great

BlueAnt Pump HD Sportbuds hands-on: Wireless headphones built to stay put and sound great

Summary: I enjoy running with music, but I do not enjoy messing around with earbuds on my run. BlueAnt's newest wireless headphones meet my requirements while looking and feeling great.


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  • Opening up the package to reveal the headset

    After running with the BlueAnt Pump headset for a few weeks now, I can say without a doubt that they are the ones I will purchase for my own use since they never once slipped out. I ran when it was hot and sunny as well as when it was rainy from three miles to nine miles at a time. I also mowed the lawn with the Pump mounted on my head and found them to be fantastic.

    I was worried that the BlueAnt Pump headset would be heavy and put pressure on my ears because they appear to have two rather large pieces that fit over and around the back of your ears. It turns out that they are actually very lightweight and the flat cable connecting the earpieces behind your head fit perfectly. BlueAnt includes a cable zip you can use if you have a smaller head and need to shorten up the connection cable.

  • Lots of tip options to fit every ear

    Each earpiece has an arm that goes over the top of your ear with an earbud extension that fits into your ear. BlueAnt includes an assortment of earbud tips, two pairs of three sizes with one pair of awareness tips, so that you will definitely find one that fits your ears. You may even find that one ear has a different size than the other. The awareness tips are designed to allow more noise around the tip so you can hear more of your surrounding environment while working out with the BlueAnt Pump in place.

    BlueAnt also includes two pairs of optional stabilizer pieces that can be fit onto the earbud to help hold the headset in place during rigorous activities such as boxing. I tried them a couple of times while running, but didn't like the added pressure the stabilizers put within the curves of my ear. The headset stayed in place without them for running.

  • Inside and outside view of the BlueAnt Pump

    The BlueAnt Pump headset is waterproof, but it's not designed for swimming. Bluetooth doesn't work underwater and there is no wired connection option. I run in the rain a lot and am a heavy sweater so waterproof is essential for my needs. The headset is sealed with Kevlar and Teflon.

    The right earpiece has a volume up, volume down, and play/pause button on the outside that are easy to access while mounted on your head. A small indicator light is found just forward of the play button. There is a microUSB port on the bottom of the left earpiece that is covered with a door to keep it waterproof while in use.

    Play time is advertised at up to eight hours. I was able to go on my weekly runs (two to four times during training) without charging for a week so the battery life seems accurate.

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  • blue ant is an underrated athletic headphone brand

    loved their headphones from a couple years back (forgot model name) way more than my jaybird bluebuds x which always struggles to stay on. $129 seems a tad steep though.