BookBook turns your iPhone into a wallet, old school style

BookBook turns your iPhone into a wallet, old school style

Summary: Weekend Edition: Twelve South has released a new BookBook case that turns your iPhone into a little black book -- and the perfect summer wallet.

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Little Black Book turns your iPhone into a wallet, old school style - Jason O'Grady

Last month I reviewed the iCache Geode, an iPhone case that replaces all of the cards in your current wallet with a reprogrammable one that morphs into any card you want. If that's a little too extreme for your taste I've got something a little more analog that might fit the bill.

Enter The Little Black Book ($59.99) from Twelve South. It's a wallet-type case for the iPhone 4/4S that includes three slots for your driver's license and a couple of credit cards. And like their amazing case for the iPad, BookBook for iPhone (as it's called) looks exactly like a leatherbound book. 

Little Black Book turns your iPhone into a wallet, old school style - Jason O'Grady

BookBook is the perfect summer accessory because it allows you to consolidate two things you carry every day -- your iPhone and your wallet -- into one. It has just enough room for your driver's license and two credit cards and a slim pocket to stow a few business cards and an emergency $50 bill. I moved to a small wallet years ago and in the age of PayPal and debit cards I find myself using cash less and less these days. 

My only complaint is that it doesn't have a hole on the back for a camera, so you need to pull the red tab at the top and take your iPhone out of the case to snap a photo. Also, it's also a little difficult to text in portrait mode at first, but I got used to that pretty quickly. BookBook for iPhone is easiest to use in landscape mode and it's annoying when iOS apps don't support landscape keyboards.

I've been using BookBook for iPhone for a couple of weeks and it's a high quality piece of kit that's extremely well-made. It actually looks better with age because the leather gets a great looking aged/weathered look. If you're looking to slim down your wallet/iPhone combo, give BookBook a spin. It's available in black (pictured) and brown from the Twelve South website.

Topics: Apple, Reviews

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  • Hmm

    I guess it's a slow news day at the office if we need to start reporting smatphone cases :)
  • It's the weekend...

    ...relax a little :)

    - Jason
    Jason D. O'Grady
  • How about talking?

    Hey Jason,
    How is talking on the phone with this guy? Does the front flap fold back so you can talk on it? I know a lot of people use Bluetooth headsets so this is probably mostly a moot point, but I personally don't care to use them and, thankfully, they aren't required in my state for driving.

    Anyway, you talked about texting, but how about talking? Good? Bad?
  • talking/texting

    Hey Matthew,
    Glad you asked. I actually use a Jawbone ERA BT headset 99.9% of the time, but I kept it off and made a few calls with the phone+case up to my ear and it works pretty well. The "cover" folds back behind the body of the phone and although the combination of cards and the spine area make it thicker than your average iphone case (duh!) it worked pretty well. One benefit is that the extra thickness actually works pretty well when you need to use your shoulder to hold the phone to your ear. Kind of reminds me of those old phone attachments for landline phones that made it easier to hold the phone receiver with your shoulder! LOL (

    Texting is a little more difficult in portrait mode due to the added bulk (on the left hand side) but I text most of the time in landscape mode which is perfect.

    Hope that that helped!
    - Jason
    Jason D. O'Grady