Boosting Australian innovation: conference watch

Boosting Australian innovation: conference watch

Summary: On 14 June ZDNet Australia broadcast a special live panel discussion on innovation in Australia.


On 14 June ZDNet Australia broadcast a special live panel discussion from the Sydney Cloudforce Social Enterprise Tour.

Entitled "What will it take to make Australia an Innovation Hub?", this expert panel discussed what it takes to drive new thinking here in Australia, and the role of social collaboration in inspiring/sharing ideas.

The panel comprised the following special guests:

  • Remo Giuffre, TEDx Sydney director and founding licensee
  • Parker Harris, executive vice president and co-founder,
  • Angela Clark, ABC director of innovation
  • Mick Liubinskas, Pollenizer co-founder
  • Scott Shaw, director of technology, ThoughtWorks
  • James O'Loghlin, host

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Topics: Emerging Tech, Cloud,, ZDNetLive

Brian Haverty

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Brian Haverty has been editing and writing on an extensive range of technology subjects for 10 years in Australia but the areas he specialises in are digital publishing and production systems. He has launched a number of print publications in Australia, including Technology & Business and C|Level, and has served as Editor-in-Chief for the Australian editions of PC Magazine and Windows Sources.

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  • Innovation is paramount. In my working life I have "innovated" myself from spot to spot.

    While it is seriously IMPORTANT to keep up with what's new, what's coming etc, what is MORE important than making Oz an "Innovation Hub" is to be personally able to "flow like water".

    My I.T. career started in a bank feeding paper into machines and other stuff. It morphed into courses and then into other companies and even at one time selling to edu campuses and Govt installations and then morphed into self employed after the bubble burst. Nowadays with the Euro debt crisis making everyone cautious and everything silent, money is hard to come by but you can cry about it or do something about it. I am currently morphing once more, still in I.T. but further afield from "hands in computer guts" or "I found the virus first" though they go one when there is call for it.

    Dont get stuck on the one track like a train heading for Central. You may end up in a personal derailment. Change tracks, add tracks, keep sidestepping like a footballer and keep moving forward because there is nothing in the past that will put bread and butter on your table. Maybe when MORE companies like Microsoft etc realise that there isnt the money to attend their meetings that arent held on internet, there will be more people able to attend them. Time out of a day isnt productive when used just to go to bricks and mortar meetins anymore.
  • i would hate for people to have this site come up on there screen and not know what to do with it!