Box doubles down on free space; adds new SMB option

Box doubles down on free space; adds new SMB option

Summary: Box is still focused on the enterprise collective, but some new subscription offers could be enticing to smaller businesses and consumers alike.

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Box introduced some big changes to its pricing model on Wednesday, adding a few new schemes -- not to mention a (bigger) freebie.

The free storage space option for individual users is getting bumped from just 5GB to 10GB.

The next level up is a new $5 plan dubbed "Starter." Aimed at teams as well as small businesses, this option supports up to 10 users with 100GB to share.

The $15 per user Business plan remains relatively unchanged with up to 1000GB of cloud storage space to share with three or more colleagues.

Moving higher up the scale, things are being shifted around a bit for Box's core user base: the enterprise.

Aptly named "Enterprise," the fourth subscription plan consists of unlimited cloud storage space with a 5GB file size upload limit at a rate of $35 per user.

The top-tier selection is referred to as "Elite." Much like luxury goods that simply come with taglines saying "Price Available Upon Request," this is a customized cloud platform plan that lacks a standard (let alone publicized) cost. The amenities include unlimited storage space, no limits on file sizes when uploading, a free test environment, and unlimited use of Box Content APIs.

Box's customer base already stands at roughly 180,000 businesses and more than 20 million individual users overall.

Certainly, the business world has been Box's primary target up to this point, separating it from Dropbox, Google Drive and similar personal cloud storage offerings.

But the bottom two plans (extra free space plus the Starter option) are bound to draw more attention away from those competitors too.

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  • Glad I have more

    As a Box user, I'd be thrilled about the free increase from 5 GB to 10 GB free if it weren't the fact that I already have 50 GB free from Box. They had a special when they first announced their Android app a while back offering everyone 50 GB free for life if they logged in from the app within the first week or two. I was able to take advantage of that.
    • Agreed

      I also have 50 Gb free from Box. I got the account when I purchased an HP TouchPad during the firesale.