Broadband Connect gets another AU$20m

Broadband Connect gets another AU$20m

Summary: The federal government has allocated an additional AU$20 million to cover a shortfall in funding for the Broadband Connect rural broadband subsidy. A spokesperson for the office of Communications Minister Senator Helen Coonan today confirmed the extra funding, which is designed to cover existing subscriber claims for subsidies.


The federal government has allocated an additional AU$20 million to cover a shortfall in funding for the Broadband Connect rural broadband subsidy.

A spokesperson for the office of Communications Minister Senator Helen Coonan today confirmed the extra funding, which is designed to cover existing subscriber claims for subsidies.

The move has come after the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (DCITA) recently wrote to some regional ISPs advising them current, per-subscriber Broadband Connect funding was close to running out.

The government has already announced a new program -- dubbed the Broadband Guarantee -- to replace the per-subscriber aspects of Broadband Connect, however the funding shortfall had caused alarm among the ISP community due to the lack of funds available while the department was transitioning to the new program.

For example, this morning Internode said it had halted its regional broadband rollout in South Australia due to the problem.

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  • Koala Telecom is still going


    Koala Telecom is an Adelaide based ISP providing DSL, DSL2 & Wireless.
    Our wireless covers Adelaide Metro & Regional SA and cost us $6million of our OWN money.

    We have never claimed a single cent from Broadband Connect, and despite claims in the industry that wireless can not exist without Broadband Connect is ridiculous.

    We are currently running a promotion where a customer can connect and receive a FREE LCD TV, the promotion has cost us $3.5million dollars.
    If you don
  • Is this for comments or free advertising

    Just reading this marketing crap makes me want to liquid paper my screen.

    There are things call publications that you can pay to market your company and not degrade this news source.
  • Koala is not a great service

    Maybe they should get some of that money, because the level of incompetence is VERY evident on the whirlpool forum....

    I am "BlownUp" on that forum
  • Koala Telecom

    well said Blowup, funny how Curtis mentions competition and ISPs funding themselves rather then being dependent on government funding.

    "We are happy to do an article showing that not everyone needs broadband connect, and demonstrate how the industry can continue without it, and the only winner here is the customer, as ISP are no longer artificially funded they must now grow and maintain customers based on true competition. "

    You're company is hardly leading the way Curtis. Lets have a recap of the past 3 months at Koala telecom:

    You fired over 11 of your own staff in one week due to internal and financial difficulties. Some of whom you had only employed the week prior.

    How many customers have reported Koala to the TIO now Curtis?

    Is your billing system working correctly?

    Why does your website say you take Bpay payments yet your staff refuse to process them andv demand credit card numbers for direct desposit.

    How many of your customers are reporting billing errors, speed problems, and shaping issues?

    Until you can run a proper ISP with happy and content customers, go back to your office and spend more time fixing your companies problems then trying to sell the virtues of it.
  • Koala is pathetic,

    news server doesnt ever work, Customer Service is non-existant and Curtis is a fool for thinking that KT spent 3.5 million dollars on crap LCD TVs, when in actual fact they are being drop-shipped on a case-by-case basis.
  • All valid points

    About firing 11 staff members, well guess what, they're hiring again!

    "Positions are casual in the first instance with a view to permenancy after a qualifying period."
    Yes, but if you manage to stay for longer than the 3 month probation without being fired for no reason, then you won't receive the contract you're promised. OR, they will fire you anyway, and then rehire you, but this probably begins a new 3 months.

    5000 TV's were ordered, they have a RRP of about $700. 5000 times $700 is $3.5 million. But then the TV's may only have cost Koala $100-200 each, maybe even less?
  • Gimme a break !

    Spamming ZDNet with this crap is the last straw Curtis. I am gonna wear the out cost and churn away from you pack of losers. There is NOTHING about this company that has any merit whatsoever. Run in the other direction and keep running. ( Lest Curtis comes running behind you waving photocopies of your newserver logs)

    top 10 worst isps ever.... you betchya.
  • Koala Telecom

    Curtis, you are still a liar and a cheat, you have no moral ethics as a businessman whatsoever!!!
  • LOL

    Curtis, go f*ck yourself.

    Have a good day.
  • crooks

    This compant will make your life hell.

    Curtis ur an asshole. Post back on whirlpool ya gutless cheat.

    Fuck you and your crappy 1/2 arsed company
  • Koala Billing

    I was a customer of Talktoday until they were taken over by Koalatelecom. They promised me the same deal as I had with Talktoday. Guess what, when I received my first bill it was over $30.00 more, and this only for landline/dialup connection for 1month!. What is worse, they never gave me the proper email address or user name when they hastily transferred me over from Talktoday, but just altered the talktoday email address and gave me new password. My service was suspended before I had even seen their bill, found a hard copy of it in my letterbox the next day, with the new username and email address on it. Meanwhile I was still being billed by Talktoday. It got a bit confusing and I felt threatened by this double billing, so decided to get away from both Koalatelecom and Talktoday, never bothered with the new username or email address . I tried ringing them several times, never got through to a fellow human, emailed them for a week, only received ticked numbers but no answers or help of any sort. I was desperately trying to contact them by email and phone to let them know that I no longer wanted anything to do with them. Lodged a complaint with TIO, who gave me a contact at Koalatelecom. Twice I've tried to communicate with a gentleman named Richard Siggs, he is too busy and has given me the brush off twice in a week, then promised to call me back and did'nt.
    I am now thinking that it would be wise of anyone who reads this message, to keep away from these people, because you cannot depend on them to answer you or to keep their promises. I am now worried that they are intentionally stalling so they can impose penalties on me , and attempt to cover up their own incompetency. I really hope that Tio's office will be able to do something about this mess. Angie
  • Silogen

    Hello everyone.
    Has anyone that reads this message had problems with a little known ISP by the name of Silogen, trying to bill them out of the blue?
    I was a customer of an ISP by the name of, but left them about a month before my 1 year contract expired, and signed up with a new ISP. About 4 months later I received a phone call from a representative of Silogen demanding payment for three month ISP fee. He said that they now owned all the customers of, and were charging me what I supposedly owned I did'nt owe anything as I always paid my 12 monthly payments in cash upfront for the whole year, personally going into their local office to make the payment. I asked him to email me the bill, he did so. It seemed unjust to me that someone from a company I had never heard of or had any dealings with should try to bill me, so I queried the bill. He sent me a new bill for even larger amount. I would be grateful if someone with a similar problem could give me some advice on how to respond to this threatening situation. I am a older lady and felt threatened by the man that called me, as he was very insistent that I pay up.
  • Beware of Koala Telecom

    The is a consumer warning about this company. They are very dodgey, do not sign up with them.

    Exceptionally poor customer service, billing system does not work. Never allow them to direct debt

    Too many outages. and they make threats against customer whom complain about them
  • Koala r criminals!!!!!

    how dare you post this curtis, ive lost money because of you, and nearly failed my tafe course because my internet doesnt work properly. it keeps going up and down, and i can never get through on the phones because it takes an hour on hold!!!!!!!

    heres some more info about your stupid company:

    i cant wait until my contract expires in august, i'm so happy i only joined for 6 months and not 3 years!!!!!!!!!
  • $3.5million??

    and wheres all this money coming from, you can afford to spend 3 million bucks on tv's but you cant afford enough staff to answer your phones, and you cant afford enough banwidth to keep your customers online!!!