BT and NTL get wooden spoon for customer satisfaction

BT and NTL get wooden spoon for customer satisfaction

Summary: Consumers indicated quality and reliability are more important than price

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How much do you love your ISP? If you're a customer of BT or NTL, you're most likely to be suffering from a lack of warm and fuzzy feelings towards your provider.

A study by utilities comparison site, which examined the relative popularity of the UK's ISPs, found that PlusNet is the nation's favourite, with BT and NTL picking up the wooden spoon for the largest percentage of unsatisfied customers.

All in all, it seems the British are a broadband-happy bunch. According to the survey of 16,000, 92 percent of PlusNet customers are satisfied with their ISP, while BT and NTL — with the fewest satisfied customers — still notched up decent levels of satisfied users, with 81 and 82 per cent respectively.

But what makes broadband users happy with their service? The research found that broadband Britain rates connection quality and reliability — rather than price — as the most important elements.

However, broadband users aren't convinced their ISPs are cutting them a good deal. Around half of those surveyed said they don't believe their providers are doing their best to put them on the right package.

BT got the largest thumbs down over price, with around four in 10 users saying they don't think the telco is value for money.

ISPs by overall customer satisfaction

  • PlusNet 92 percent
  • Pipex 90 percent
  • Telewest 89 percent
  • 87 percent
  • AOL 83 percent
  • Tiscali 83 percent
  • Wanadoo 83 percent
  • BT 82 percent
  • NTL 81 percent

Topic: Networking

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  • Yes, I too am waiting for the dreaded NTHell customer service monolith to raise its head....fingers crossed that NTL will absorb the stong customer service skills from telewest and adopt their model...
  • Telewest are doing well at the moment. But they have been taken over by NTL which has a very poor reputation to say the least. I'm concerned that the good service I have received from Telewest is going to be dragged down to NTL's reputed levels.

    No sign of that so far but it is early days.