BT claims hyperlink patent ownership

BT claims hyperlink patent ownership

Summary: British Telecom's PR machine braces itself for what could make the telco even more unpopular...

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British Telecom believes it owns the US patent for the World Wide Web's hyperlink technology and has hired an intellectual property specialist to ensure it can commercialise the patent, in court if necessary.

Buried amongst 15,000 global patents, BT claims it discovered its lapse during an routine update of its intellectual property. It now intends to force American ISPs to pay to use hyperlinks.

Full story to follow.

Tony Westbrook thinks BT's claim to hyperlinks is 100 percent, copper bottomed nonsense. Nonetheless this is certainly a perfect story for the early summer silly season. Maybe that's why BT has done it. It certainly couldn't be for any sane commercial or PR reason could it? Go to AnchorDesk UK for the news comment.

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Topic: Processors

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