BT launches secure mail services

BT launches secure mail services

Summary: The company has started two messaging security services, BT Secure Mail and Encrypted Message Exchange

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Communications giant BT has launched two managed security services.

BT Secure Mail and Encrypted Message Exchange (BT EMX) are based on a public key infrastructure (PKI).

In a PKI, user identity is bound to a public key by means of a digital certificate. Communications can then be encrypted with a public key and decrypted with a private key. A certificate authority acts as a trusted third party to validate user credentials and link them to a public key. In this instance, BT will act as the certificate authority.

The services are aimed at regulated industries such as the financial sector, government and healthcare. Email messages can be encrypted to be sent over the internet.

The new messaging security services will run on LogicaCMG's application services provider platform, and will be powered by Echoworx, a software security company.

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"Businesses are increasingly operating in a minefield when it comes to digital security," said Judith Halkerston, managing director, UK telecom business at LogicaCMG. "In addition to deploying antivirus and anti-spam solutions, they also need to guarantee that their email communications are private and secure."

Currently one-fifth of UK businesses use digital certificates for electronic communications, according to BT.

Topic: Security

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