BT names 156 towns for next fibre rollout phase

BT names 156 towns for next fibre rollout phase

Summary: The company has laid out plans of the next phase of its fibre rollout, promising the option of super-fast internet connections for an additional 1.5 million homes


BT Openreach has released details of the next 156 locations that will receive super-fast fibre broadband connections before the end of 2012.

The "majority" of the exchanges in the towns will be fibre-enabled by the end of 2011, with more than 50 scheduled to be upgraded before the end of the summer. The remainder will be upgraded before the end of 2012, Openreach said in a statement. 

BT fibre broadband

BT Openreach has named 156 locations that will get super-fast broadband connections. Photo credit: didbygraham on Flickr

Once fibre-enabled, the exchanges will provide an additional 1.5 million homes with the option of signing up for a super-fast broadband connection, Openreach said. The service is already available to approximately four million homes, David Campbell, Openreach's managing director of next-generation access, said on Thursday.

The connections will be a combination of fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) and fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) and will offer speeds of up to 40Mbps and up to 100Mbps, respectively. Openreach told ZDNet UK that only the 10 winners of BT's Race to Infinity competition, which form part of the super-fast broadband location list, will get faster FTTP connectivity, while the rest of those on the list will get slower FTTC.

The announcement forms part of the company's £2.5bn drive to bring fibre connectivity to two-thirds of UK premises by 2015. In January, the company also announced 41 market towns that would receive FTTC connectivity before the end of 2012.

Openreach said it will inform the telecoms industry of each upgrade six months in advance, to "assist communications providers with their planning".

On Monday, UK ISPs wrote to communications minister Ed Vaizey to say the government's next-generation broadband plans were under threat due to BT setting its infrastructure access prices too high

BT is also upgrading its copper network to cover 80 percent of the UK with connections of up to 20Mbps before the end of the year. It had previously said that 75 percent of the UK would be covered by spring 2011, but it missed that target.

Click through for a list of BT's latest super-fast broadband locations.

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  • That's fine but even in areas where they are doing FTTC not all the cabs are being upgraded. In Kenilworth, the Exchange is upgraded but the cab where our office is located is not so whilst I can get 40mb at home I can't at work! Crazy.
  • How nice.

    That means BT can intercept your browsing and sell details of your demograohics for commercial gain without asking you, all over again. Just a lot faster.

    Then they can remove you and your posts from their forums when you complain about it, much faster.

    Integrity? they've heard of it.

    Check out https:\\
  • typical, South West Scotland STILL not o the list grrrrr
  • What sort of speeds do you get in SW scotland.
    I am in London and struggle to get more than 5Meg.
  • Still no LUDLOW in Shropshire, why?? are we not a major enough town to be considered worthy by BT or do they know we're the mugs who enjoy paying them £30 a month for a sub-standard broadband service.
  • I agree Darren.... I live a few miles further south in Leominster, and that is not on the list either.

    Our present so called 'broadband' struggles to reach 1.5 Mb and is ofen not usable at all.

    All we want is FTC, which would benefit about 500 customers at a stroke!
  • we get 6.Mb at DG73TQ
  • 3 in the whole of Scotland! Stirling, Glasgow, Busby - (wasn't he the feathered logo for BT privatisation?) and Donaldson, whoever he may be. Not too fair I feel.
  • I was browsing some of the posts here and it prompted me to carry out a speed test on my connection. Now I'm not with BT, I am with another ISP. However, from what I gather my current speed is about as good as I will probably get for at least the next decade.
    My current download speed peaks at around 1.5Mbps and my upload speed peaks at around 400Kbps.
    I pay the same price as most people as my ISP increased the tariff on the pretext that everyone would be getting at least 8Mbps very soon shortly to be followed by 20Mbps.
    They cannot possibly provide the speeds promised with our ancient twisted paired wires!