Buffalo plugs Atom into TeraStation NAS

Buffalo plugs Atom into TeraStation NAS

Summary: The four additions to the TeraStation range for small businesses swap in Intel dual-core Atoms for the previous Marvell chips and come with drives pre-installed

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  • The refreshed Buffalo TeraStation NAS range

    Buffalo has plugged Intel's Atom into its TeraStation range of network-attached storage (NAS) products, aimed at small businesses.

    The four new appliances, launched on Tuesday, come equipped with the dual-core Atom D510 processor, rather the Marvell chips used previously in the range, the Dutch company said. The TeraStation ProDuo, TeraStation Quad, TeraStation 6 Bay and TeraStation 8 Bay — the names reflect how many bays they have — are all available now.

    The eight-bay appliance (pictured) comes with two 1GbE ports, so one can feed out for access to the network and another can be used to replicate data through to a separate TeraStation. It can run Raid in its standard, 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 51, 60 and 61 configurations, with the higher configurations providing greater redundancy.

    The TeraStations are shipped with a full complement of drives. The drives may be sourced from any major hard-disk drive (HDD) manufacturer — Toshiba, Western Digital or Seagate, for example — though customers do not have a choice of provider. However, the drives are "tested to the point where we're confident about our products", said Paul Hudson, sales director for Northern Europe for Buffalo.

    If a drive fails, Buffalo will supply a replacement, provided it is under warranty. However, it will not say which manufacturer provided the failed drive or give the customer the option of moving to a different brand.

    Prices start at £294 for a ProDuo, £285 for a Quad, £822 for a 6 Bay and £998 for an 8 Bay. Drive size can go up to 3TB per HDD, so a maxed-out 8 bay TeraStation will have 24TB of storage.

    Photo credit: Jack Clark

  • A new Windows Storage Server appliance

    Buffalo also launched a Windows Storage Server based on the TeraStation design. It comes pre-installed with Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 and supports Raid 0, 1, 5 and standard. It is available with 2TB or 4TB of capacity.

    The company is taking a similar approach to HP, which is targeting small businesses with low-cost servers and associated hardware. Buffalo hopes the fact it pre-installs and integrates the drives will tempt businesses to use its kit, Hudson said.

    Photo credit: Jack Clark

  • The company has also released two routers, one of which can be expanded into a lightweight NAS

    Buffalo also released two modems targeted at small businesses. The AirStation N Technology High Power Broadband ADSL2+ Modern Router is £30, while the AirStation Nfiniti Wireless-N 300Mbps High Power Gigabit Router is £59.

    The Nfiniti (pictured, right) can be turned into a lightweight NAS, as it comes with a USB port that can be attached to a USB HDD. It manages two 300Mbps networks at the same time, and the workload can be shared between the two.

    The AirStation N (pictured, left) provides up to 150Mbps of routing performance. It has a 5db high-gain antenna, which Buffalo said can help to reduce wireless dead spots.

    Photo credit: Jack Clark

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