Bug in iOS 7 could allow nefarious disabling of Find My iPhone

Bug in iOS 7 could allow nefarious disabling of Find My iPhone

Summary: In addition, the glitch reportedly enables a potential phone hacker to bypass Activation Lock without a password, although pulling off the maneuver could be tricky.

TOPICS: Apple, iOS, iPhone

According to a post on 9to5Mac, an iOS bug allows for anyone to disable Find My iPhone and bypass Activation Lock without a password. The glitch requires some pretty nimble finger moves to pull off the hack, but a video accompanying the article illustrates that the stunt is possible. 

The way the security features are intended to work require Find My iPhone to be disabled via the password for the Apple ID associated with the iCloud account.

However the bug allows someone to bypass that requirement by tapping both "delete account" and the switch to disable Find My iPhone at the same time in the iCloud settings panel.

When the prompt for a password shows up, quickly powering off the phone, restarting it and then returning to the iCloud settings panel allows the account to be removed without entering the password, according to the article.

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Topics: Apple, iOS, iPhone

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  • The Typical Apple User:

    - sets up an alter for worship
    -reads owners manual cover to cover
    -believes he is witness to a miracle every time his machine powers on
    • I get a call every couple of months

      From a guy telling me he is calling from Microsoft and that my computer is compromised and he is going to help me fix it. When I tell him I only have Macs there is no reply, just a hang up.
      I can understand why that person might hate Apple and Apple users.
      • Glass Houses

        Are you suggesting that OSX is less exploitable than Windows, or merely that there are less people doing it?

        If the former, I hope you're not basing this on the fact that Windows releases its security patches as and when they're found rather than waiting for an annual release of its 'latest OS'.

        And please don't trot out the lame "OSX runs on UNIX, and UNIX is, y'know, ultra-secure".
        • Who me?

          No I was suggesting a lot of people hate Apple for some very strange reasons. As for the Windows calls I regularly get it would be your second example I'm sure because it is just as easy to get into a Mac remotely as Windows with the proper information.
  • The Typical Apple Power User:

    -sets up alter for worship
    -speed reads owners manual cover to cover
    -believes he is God and has created a miracle every time his machine powers up
    • There...fixed it for you.

      "The Typical Apple Power User:

      -sets up alter for worship
      -speed reads owners manual cover to cover
      -believes STEVE JOBS is God and he created a miracle every time his machine powers up"
      • I thing many of those users finally realized Steve Jobs wasn't God

        when he hadn't risen after three days.

        (Yes, I know that was Jesus Christ, but hey, I'm going with the Easter theme...)
    • Getting old...

      This nonsense is starting to get old. Obviously, you read the headline and didn't bother to read the article. This bug requires:
      1. Physical access to the phone, and 2. The screen is not locked.
      Please, tell me how many systems are secure if someone has direct physical access and the computer is not locked.
  • How To Get Rid Of The Fruit Flies?

    Open Windows!
    • Most Windows have screens

      Windows that do not have screens, fruit flies will not leave. So here is a link to get rid of fruit flies, enjoy.

      How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies
      • I'm particularly fond of #3

        "store fruit in the refrigerator" - this is a very good workaround!

        If one places their iPhone in the fridge overnight - this bug will be removed.
      • Curtains

        It's not screens.

        Its curtains for Windows.

        And about time too.

        What a load of utter c**p
        Henry 3 Dogg
    • Much More Effective

      New Double strength Linux
      Alan Smithie
  • Time for ios7.2 /3 /4/ 5

    Oh well given the number of new bugs introduced by ios7.1 it might be time for 7.2, which will doubtless introduce more bugs again, so time for 7.3, ad infinitum.
  • Here's the thing about fancy footwork moves in the hands of thieves

    Tricky to do won't stop them. They'll just learn to do it, and rehearse it like a card trick; so here's hoping they plug this fast.
    • Meanwhile, the workaround is to password lock

      your phone's screen. This hack only works if they can get past the lock screen.
      • There's A Hack For That Too!

        so now what?