Build services to change, not to last

Build services to change, not to last

Summary: What enterprise architecture is really all about.



"Making something a service doesn’t require surveying the enterprise for requirements. it means we place the proper ownership and management around that service so that it is positioned for change. We can only design to the knowledge that we have based on past experience and known requirements. We can’t predict what changes will come, we can only make sure we are properly prepared for that change. project-first thinking doesn’t do that, enterprise-first thinking does. Think enterprise first."

- Todd Biske, enterprise architect extraordinaire and author of SOA Governance

Topics: IT Priorities, Enterprise Software

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  • Perhaps they are synonymous

    If you build the services to change, then they are MUCH more likely to last, that is adapt to new and changing needs and circumstances.

    As they say, the only permanent thing is change.
    • Bingo.

      Bingo, D.T. They are synonymous.

      Considering the title and the fact that the article is nothing but a quote, I think it's just troll bait. I certainly got nothing out of it.