Building a 3D milling robot with LEGO (Oh, so cool video)

Building a 3D milling robot with LEGO (Oh, so cool video)

Summary: Here's a DIY device that carves a face. Very creative and interesting use of consumer robotics.

TOPICS: Consumerization

I promised you I'd spotlight some very cool DIY projects and one of my all-time favorites is this 3D milling machine built out of LEGO.

For those of you who don't get warm in your private parts every time you pass a Harbor Freight, a milling machine is a tool that cuts (or mills) solid materials.

In the video below, Arthur Sacek built a milling machine robot using LEGO parts that carves a 3D head out of foam. It's a little dull for the first minute and 35 seconds or so, but then it gets oh so cool, oh so fast.

Hey, if you've seen (or, better, built) something oh-so-cool you want me to see, send me a note or post a comment below.

Topic: Consumerization


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