Business intelligence, tackling legacy systems top priorities for CIOs

Business intelligence, tackling legacy systems top priorities for CIOs

Summary: Government tech chiefs are seeing small increase in budget, and putting BI, mobile and security on their wishlists.


Business intelligence projects are the top priority for government CIOs this year, followed by plans to strip out legacy systems.

Here's what is really worrying CIOs, right now

Here's what is really worrying CIOs, right now

Here's what is really worrying CIOs, right now

According to analyst Gartner, government IT organisations are expecting their budgets to have a modest compound growth rate of 1.3 percent through to the end of 2017, with increased spending on IT services, software and datacentres likely to be fuelled cuts in internal technology services, devices and telecoms services.

"After years of being told to 'do more with less', many government CIOs report that budgets have stabilised or are increasing, placing them in a better position to deliver and manage IT services more effectively and efficiently," Gartner research director Rick Howard said in a statement.

According to the analyst, public sector CIOs' top 10 IT priorities are:

The top three technology priorities in 2013 have all changed since 2012, with business intelligence and analytics moving from number five to the top spot.

Their top three business priorities for this year include delivering operational results, improving IT applications and infrastructure, and reducing enterprise costs.

Gartner noted that improving the government IT organisation and workforce has moved to number two business priority, as the responsibilities of CIOs and IT professionals are shifted away from most legacy technology services and onto underserved areas of business need.

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  • BI in the public sector

    It’s not surprising that business intelligence (BI) is now the top priority for public sector CIOs considering the explosion of big data and the evidence of the benefits it can bring if analysed and reported on quickly. Data alone is worthless, but once analysed using the right tools and presented well, can enable users to make rapid, but informed decisions, which could lead to more streamlined improvements in services. The time-frame during which data is valuable is constantly shortening which increases the necessity to have easy to use options in place. BI was once an incredibly technical process, with all data stored in bursting-at-the-seams data warehouses – which could have attributed to its placement further down the IT agenda. Now, thanks to open source, it has evolved to the stage where anyone within the organisation can check on the progress of their projects, leading to more rapid improvements to the delivery of services.

    Evanna Kearins, Jaspersoft
    Evanna Kearins