Busy week for Windows Phone includes Pandora, Evernote, and Lumia 920 updates

Busy week for Windows Phone includes Pandora, Evernote, and Lumia 920 updates

Summary: Windows Phone development continues at a healthy pace with app releases and updates, new and exciting games, and firmware updates for the Nokia Lumia 920.


This past week has been a great one for Windows Phone with the release, finally, of Pandora, a huge update to Evernote, and game releases that include Temple Run and Run Gravity Guy 2. We also saw a firmware update for the Nokia Lumia 920 and updates made to other Nokia Here apps. Windows Phone is an exciting platform and it appears that developers are definitely interested.


Busy week for Windows Phone includes Pandora, Evernote, and Lumia 920 updates
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Pandora is one of those apps that people put on a checklist of must-have apps for a mobile operating system. Microsoft announced it was coming back at the Windows Phone 8 launch event and it has taken far longer than I thought to finally hit the Windows Phone Store. I installed it and will use it at times, but personally prefer using Xbox Music and Nokia Music.

Evernote update

Evernote is one of my favorite apps, but the Windows Phone version has always lagged a bit behind the Android and iOS versions. This latest update is a major improvement that makes Evernote one of my favorites on Windows Phone again.

As you can see in the Evernote blog post, the home screen has been redesigned for quick note creation. You can also create shortcuts for notes that appear on this new home screen experience.

Many folks tag their notes, and in the past this was a bit cumbersome on the phone. Evernote improved this functionality, following a Windows Phone index format.

One of the biggest improvements for me personally that will get my wife and I back on using Evernote for my Honey Do List is the support for checkboxes. In order to use Evernote for my lists, I need these and am pleased to see them included.

New games

We are seeing a bunch of new game releases on Windows Phone, including Temple Run and Run Gravity Guy 2, which is actually an exclusive for the Windows Phone 8 platform. Imagine that, a new game coming to Windows Phone before iOS.

Windows Phone Central also posted that several more games are coming to Windows Phone 8 soon, in celebration of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) being held this week. New game titles include 6th Planet, Fling Theory, Orcs Must Survive, Ruzzle, and Propel Man.

Nokia Lumia 920 and Here updates

I turned on my Nokia Lumia 920 and saw there was a new firmware update available and understand it improves image quality, improves automatic display brightness adjustment, adds a handy storage tools utility, and more.

I like the new storage utility that lets you see the details of where your 32GB is going on the device. You can clear out temporary storage, saved me 1.5GB of memory, and also note how much apps, media, and more is consuming.

Nokia's Here apps were all updated and they were likely just performance tweaks. Nokia also updated a couple of system apps for its Lumia devices.

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  • Kudos to Microsoft, kudos to Nokia

    While I prefer using the superior Xbox Music pass and OneNote to Pandora and Evernote, MS and Nokia deserve huge kudos for creating this fantastic platform. apple is terrified of this which is why we see apple paid astro-turfers like danbi frantically running around to all the WP8 related stories (and other MS related stories) trying to make sure apple's FUD is being heard.
  • Busy week for Windows Phone .....

    Updated my Nokia lumia 920 yesterday, works like a champ..... ya baby! :)
    • I'm still

      trying to update mine. Every time I try, I just get an error message (saying it can't check for updates).
  • new games!

    my 4 and 6 year old nephews will be excited, I could care less about cell phone games.

    The Pandora app is nice, but the website pinned to start worked just fine also from the beginning.
    I'd rather have ads and get unlimited song skips though.

    Hopefully Nokia Drive has added North , East, South and West to turn notifications finally. I keep asking and asking.
  • It's like a new phone

    I got almost 8 GB of storage back, my display doesn't flicker annoyingly in moderate light, the camera that would sometimes auto-*unfocus* now seems to actually take the great pictures we were promised, and most of all, *I can now hang up a phone call* because my proximity sensor works again.

    The 920 has gone from being junk to being great and the software hasn't even changed much.

    Now, all I need is an OS update that makes email usable, gives me multiple volume controls, and does something with my toast notifications besides forget about them. And an actual PDF viewer. And I'm happy.
    x I'm tc
    • *I should note

      That I'm talking about the firmware update. I don't actually use Pandora or Evernote anymore.
      x I'm tc
    • so you are saying your Windows Phone was junk before the update?

      Is was I thought...
  • All of the 99 users of WP8 will be delighted.

    C'mon MS, how long will you try to sell something that obviously nobody wants ?
    • It is selling well enough to scare you

      So why not just admit that and move on?
    • He's still using his $600 two year contract priced iphone 1

      just angry and jealous
    • What

      a dumb statement.
    • there are more than 99 users

      probably around 550...
  • Vodafone UK WP7 Users still waiting for non-existant 7.8 Update.

    I was crucified by MS Astrotufers in March 2012 for calling WP7 / Lumia 710/800 a 'stepping stone product' phone/operating system for Microsoft, which wouldn't be updated to run the new kernel based on Win NT/Windows Phone 8.

    It pretty much panned out exactly as stated. 12 Months on, its nearly April and STILL NO UPDATE TO 7.8 for Vodafone UK Customers on Nokia Lumias.

    Micosoft/Nokia should be chasing up the crap support from Network Operators and looking after the few loyal customer who bought in at an early stage. Instead these customers have been shafted.
    • sigh

      probably crucified, as 7.8 _IS_ available on the Lumia 710 on UK VodaFone.
      Contact support and get your issue resolved.
  • Evernote need to watch their back w msft

    ...only a matter of time before embrace and extend...
  • new update for nokia 920 released this evening 3/28/2013!!!!

    Turn on your WiFi. Settings/phone update!!! :) yippy!!!!!!!
    • Wait

      Don't I have to plug my phone into a USB cord to PC, and install the latest version of ITunes to update it?

      Oh wait I have a Nokia 920, I don't even know where my usb cord is, haven't used it ever, not even to charge it, nor will I ever need it.