Buy your Mac in Italy for a free extended warranty

Buy your Mac in Italy for a free extended warranty

Summary: Italian law says Apple must provide two years of support free. Seriously.


Here's a cultural difference that surprised me: Apparently, the law in Italy is that you get two years of free tech support. On anything you buy.

Apple, which offers one year and charges beyond that, is finding itself in hot water in Italy. There's a noncompliance action pending against Apple, with a potential fine of 300,000 Euros (I'm guessing this is approximately the amount of money Apple makes in one second). According to Reuters:

In Italy consumers who buy electronic products and other durable goods have the right to get two years of free assistance, irrespective of other warranties offered by a manufacturer.

I wonder if this applies to anybody purchasing an Apple product in Italy, even if on vacation from the US? I also wonder what the street price of a MacBook Pro is in Rome. Anybody know? Maybe the best strategy is to buy your Mac in Italy.

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  • Same happens in Portugal

    The problem with countries such as Italy and Portugal is the high VAT though.
  • The fine is a joke

    "I'm guessing this is approximately the amount of money Apple makes in one second"

    That'll certainly make them change their ways....
  • Do your homework

    This is EU wide law
    Alan Smithie
  • in Denmark too

    In Denmark you get two years warranty on any appliance. Thus any computer has two years warranty, though we pay 25% VAT
  • You would not be getting a good deal.

    The cheapest MB Air runs 1079 euro (at least by changing Apple's web site to Italy) =$1358 dollars right now. Don't ask me if that INCLUDES the VAT. Or, you could just pay $999 +$249 (3 year warranty) + whatever your state sales tax is. I.e. NO, the european countries did not magically legislate themselves a better deal.
  • The devil's in the details

    Have you ever used in Italian keyboard?

    Not worth it. You'd be lucky if you could even type the tech support email address with it.