By the numbers: Telstra's London datacentre

By the numbers: Telstra's London datacentre

Summary: Telstra's Docklands datacentre is being revamped to bring hot and cold aisle separation to its racks and has plans to create a large heat exchanger in the future to further boost efficiency


Telstra's datacentre in London's Docklands is being revamped to bring hot and cold aisle separation to all of its racks.

As Telstra is a colocation provider, it has no direct control over the hardware its customers use, but it can enclose the racks to boost the temperature difference between hot and cold air. The firm has plans to use the nearby waters of the Docklands to increase its energy efficiency by creating a heat exchanger, and is discussing this with British Waterways. 

Telstra datacentre

Telstra has attempted complete hot aisle and cold aisle separation via enclosures. Photo credit: Jack Clark

 FacilityTelstra's nine-floor Docklands datacentre
 Power usage effectiveness (PUE)1.6
 Size114,250 square feet
 KW per rackRanging between three and 10kW
 CoolingIn-row cooling. Hot and cold aisle separation.
 HardwareA complete variety, due to co-location environment
 Compute capacityn/a
 Designed byTroup Bywaters and Anders
 IT power4.3MW
 Opened2004. Revamp ongoing. 

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