BYOD workers: ZAGG introduces universal keyboard case for Android tablets

BYOD workers: ZAGG introduces universal keyboard case for Android tablets

Summary: Those taking tablets to work know the benefit of a good keyboard case. This unique model adjusts to fit most 7-inch tablets.


The folks at ZAGG have long been making good keyboards for the iPad. They haven't expanded into the Android tablet market as there are too many models that require keyboard cases specially made to fit each one. Until now, with the release of a unique case that adjusts to fit different tablets.

(Image: ZAGG)

The ZAGG Auto-fit Keyboard is a folio style case with a keyboard. The case features an innovative design using springs that adjust to fit most 7-inch Android tablets, including the Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy models.

The case uses springs to snugly adjust the fit to the particular tablet. There is a keyboard on the other side with the famous ZAGG hinge that allows positioning the tablet at a comfortable viewing angle.

The universal case approach employed by ZAGG is a smart move to produce products for the Android tablet space. There are quite a few tablets of slightly different sizes, and this technique eliminates the need for ZAGG to make a different case for each tablet.

The 7-inch model available now for $79.99 is only the beginning. ZAGG will produce a version to fit 8-inch tablets in May and a 10-inch model in June. Sadly, it seems the size of my Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 will fit in between the 8-inch and 10-inch models so I will be out of luck. I sure wish ZAGG would make a keyboard case for my Kindle.

ZAGG keyboards are quite good, and the ZAGGkeys Folio for the iPad Air is my top choice. Using this keyboard allows me to do all of my work with the iPad, and these new cases should make the Android tablet ready for the workplace, for those needing a keyboard.

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  • Neat idea, but ...

    .... I'd guess that those made for specific models would be half that price?

    I can't see much sense in a buying a keyboard that's almost half the price of a Chromebook.

    And 'bargain' Android tablets would cease to be a bargain, if this was the keyboard option.

    Still, I hope it's successful ... then the price will come down ...
    • Nice design

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      Jessica Huang
  • When you buy from Zagg

    prepare to be spammed.

    I created a new email address. Only my immediate family had it, and I got no spam for months. Nothing. One purchase from Zagg, and I immediately started getting spam.
    • Good to know, but

      why did you give your "family only" email to a retailer? Did I miss something?
  • Missing

    Since this is made for Android, I would have liked a small touchpad with the device. If you are typing, its just nice to have a touchpad there at your fingers, esp if you are connected via RDP to Windows or OSX PCs.
    Rann Xeroxx
  • I have often wondered...

    Why don't we have touchscreen Chromebooks with detachable keyboards? And eliminate the goofy touchpad, for sure.
    gork platter