C&W to fight Fusion with landline-mobile service

C&W to fight Fusion with landline-mobile service

Summary: The company has purchased GSM spectrum, and is planning a launch by the end of the year

TOPICS: Networking

Cable & Wireless is taking on BT's Fusion with the launch of its own fixed-mobile converged (FMC) service.

C&W announced it has successfully bid for an FMC licence, which will allow users to make both mobile and landline calls from a single phone.

The telco has purchased a GSM spectrum band to provide the service at a cost of more than £50,000 and, a spokeswoman said, the service is expected to launch before the end of the year. Trials of the technology are already ongoing with C&W customers.

BT became the first company to launch a converged fixed-mobile service back in June last year, piggybacking on Vodafone's mobile network.

C&W has yet to announce which mobile network it will choose for its FMC service but the company is "in talks" with potential suppliers.

FMC services are predicted to be worth $28bn (£15bn) by 2011, according to recent research by analyst Informa Telecoms and Media.

Topic: Networking

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  • I hope I have reached the right ears for a problem I have with Fusion landline-mobile.
    I am a therapist, I need my mobile every other week when I'm in Suffolk 7 months of the year.
    Fusion land-line & mobile seemed the perfect answer for my business.
    I had new calling cards informing my patients of my new number. There is a big problem. We have in the direct area 02, Orange 1 Tell, and Vodaphone cominication and I can only get brief moments when I can get a network.
    This is coursing so many problems for my business. Can you help please?
  • C&W have one of the world's best IP networks and it's about time they relised they need a handset like that produced by Mazingo. Just Google: mazingo+ICED. It's tailor made for them.