Camera phone comparison; HTC One, BlackBerry Z10, iPhone 5, Lumia 920, and Note II

Camera phone comparison; HTC One, BlackBerry Z10, iPhone 5, Lumia 920, and Note II

Summary: You can't replace your point and shoot with most camera phones, but they do the job for social media and online sharing. As you can see, most any of these phones have decent cameras.


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  • Lumia 920 indoors flash of characters

    Even with flash on, not just auto, I couldn't get it to fire fully on the Nokia Lumia 920.

  • Galaxy Note II indoors flash of characters

Topics: Mobility, Apple, HTC, iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, Windows Phone

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  • Good job but

    You guys need to change you slideshow. Ever heard of Ajax or preloaded content. Because the pages reloads, it makes you loose the previous point of view. Sorry. I ad to say it.
    • Yes

      They should have created these kind of pages with AJAX. They can certainly do it since logging in ZDNet uses AJAX.
      • I think its deliberate

        A clunky slideshow on lots of different pages = lots of page views, which can be shown to advertisers to justify prices, don't you reckon? Ajax slideshow is going to show up as one pageview.
    • You need to ...

      ...get a life.
  • Nokia 920 night with no flash

    You must have some settings wrong. I have taken plenty of shots with my 920 in low light and it blows everything I have ever used away with the default settings and no flash.
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    Fawaz Ahmeed
  • Want a decent picture ?

    Never use a phone cam and get a DSLR just like Nokia did when it lied in their Pureview ad campaign.
    Alan Smithie
    • Old buddy, we don't need your advise.

      920 has the best smart phone camera.
      • But

        Obviously not good enough or they wouldn't have lied.
        Alan Smithie
        • Fail

          The article is as useless as your sad argument. Nokia Lumia 920 has the best camera...numerous other more exhaustive comparisons have shown that to be the case, irrespective of a poor decision on the part of Nokia's marketing department. If the author's night shot didn't come out well, then he doesn't know what he's doing.
          • Alan is trolling, trying to hijack the conversation

            Anyone who is claiming that an ad is a "lie" because, for example, the actors weren't ACTUALLY eating Big Macs is clearly either trolling or is stupid beyond belief.

            I've read enough of his posts to come to the conclusion he isn't stupid beyond belief although if he answers this post, I might just change my mind.
          • Poor decision !

            They fraudulently misrepresented a studio quality DLSR as a 920 camera.

            They lied.
            Alan Smithie
          • You would have to be a moron...

   think that a phone camera could even come close to a studio-grade DSLR.
          • So....

            Nokia thinks it's customers are morons because that was what they were trying to pass off.
            Alan Smithie
        • you should

          check out this video a guy made in Russia. He used the 920 to remake the Nokia commercial and it shows how impressive the camera is.

      • Check out Sony Xperia-Z

        I think the Sony Xperia- Z phone is much better. I am surprised it wasn't included in the comparisons.
    • OK, Alan, was that supposed to be actual advice?

      Or was it the best you could come up with to take a dig an MS (since that's what Nokia phones run)?

      Maybe we should have mention how Apple lied on their Siri commercials? You know, where they edited in the Siri responses.

      Because advertising and filming commercials always work perfectly, and what not.
      William Farrel
      • Alan comes across as a simple, little child on this one

        "Because advertising and filming commercials always work perfectly, and what not."

        Advertising is what it is. Sometimes, companies cross the line (like apple who is constantly getting punished by government agencies).

        Using simulated images and shots and Big Macs and stunt drivers in ads is so common that anyone claiming that ads aren't 100% realistic is either trolling (my vote) or has the mind of a 2 year old.

        But Alan has a very simple remedy to this. All he needs to do is report Nokia to his local government agency that oversees advertising. They will investigate and if Nokia crossed the line from what is considered to be acceptable use of simulated images into unacceptable fraud, Nokia will be punished. That Nokia was NOT punished for this absolutely crushes Alan's weak trolling attempts.

        But, he'll come back and cry about how ads aren't 100% realistic without realizing how stupid it makes him sound.
      • Ah the three amigos

        tb3, WF and twit-twoo.

        At least have the brains to pretend you get out of bed at different times.
        Alan Smithie
  • Looking at the pictures, the iphone is clearly the worst

    Then again, apple has always done very poorly when it comes to the cameras in their products.

    Man, Samsung though, they just keep releasing fantastic products. Kudos to Samsung for the Note II.

    In the meantime, my Nokia Lumia 920 still has one of the best cameras you can get on a smartphone today. Kudos to Nokia.