Canalys: Android powers 59 percent of smartphones, tablets and laptops

Canalys: Android powers 59 percent of smartphones, tablets and laptops

Summary: Shipments for all smart mobile devices grew by more than a third worldwide last quarter -- but tablets are rising the fastest.


Smarter mobile devices continue to dominate worldwide -- and Android is at the forefront, based on the first quarter report from Canalys.

Total smart mobile device shipments worldwide grew by 37.4 percent annually during the first quarter to approximately 308.7 million units, according to the market insight firm.

That pool of consists of laptops, tablets and smartphones, but analysts quickly pointed out that the tablet segment is growing the fastest.

Tablet shipments grew by a whopping 106.1 percent on an annual basis, accounting for 41.9 million units. Even without a new iPad or iPad mini on the horizon, Apple continues to lead with just less than half of the entire market with 46.4 percent of the global pie.

Canalys senior analyst Tim Coulling suggested in the report that tablets are surpassing expectations perhaps because the bar was set too low to begin with:

Spearheaded by Google and Amazon, the commoditization of the tablet market has happened far quicker than that of the wider PC market. Profit margins are being squeezed and vendors without a low cost structure will find it hard to compete. A solid range of must-have accessories and a software and services strategy are vital as vendors will increasingly need to make revenue around their devices.

Smartphones accounted for 216.3 million of shipments, while laptops totaled 50.5 million units, a 13.1 percent drop from Q1 2012.

Overall, Android remains on top as 59.5 percent of all smart mobile devices shipped last quarter were running Google's mobile operating system.

Apple came in a distant second with 19.3 percent while Microsoft hovered close (thanks to its PC share) with 18.1 percent.

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  • must be a bit concerning for MS

    what's it like to suddenly go from 95% to 18% in just a few years?
    • Why? According to SJVN

      MS is making lots of money from these Android sales, and as you and others have pointed out, that's what MS is all about.

      When has it ever been disconcerting for MS to make lots of money?
      William Farrel
      • Because that money can easily evaporate

        Eventually, some company will refuse to be bought out and pursue the path B&N started walking, pushing back on the MS patent threats wrt/ Android.

        At that point, MS has a very real risk that their source of income in this area will start to dry up. (IANAL, but my impression is they wouldn't have to reimburse anything, since all the companies that signed the agreements with them did so, um, willingly, so to speak).

        It wouldn't happen immediately, but certainly the Samsungs/HTCs etc. of the world would take note - and either seek to dissolve the existing agreements, or simply let them run their course and not renew.
        • When those companies refuse to pay, Android will be dead,

          since, MS will still own the IP, and the IP cannot be taken from them, or just used with no royalty or payment to MS.

          Those companies that are paying, didn't do so out of the goodness of their hearts, and they all knew that, going to court to do battle would be fruitless, since they knew that MS had very valid patents and very valid reasons to "collect" for their IP.

          No company is going to just stupidly pay for IP that isn't valid. If any Android smartphone maker does decide to stop payments to Microsoft, they will also have to stop making those Android devices. Simple as that.
    • dont worry, Microsoft earns money from Android

      don't worry:
      Microsoft's biggest revenues from corruption, intimidating and blackmailing:
      1) blackmails Android manufacturers because of stupid software patents so Microsoft earns more money from Android than from WP
      2) govs corruption (Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Romania, China) probably everywhere
      In Slovakia you are not able to pay taxes without Windows!!!!!
      goo [dot] gl/FNz9f
      3) pays (bribes) to HW manufactures to slam Linux
      goo [dot] gl/EYqOl
      4) Greedy Microsoft - Because of the trust Apple+Microsoft+Adobe you have to pay more for IT in Australia!
      goo [dot] gl/k4Dko
      • Mate! Calm down!

        It's ok, Google and Apple aren't going broke just yet!
        I suggest you turn you PC/Tablet/Phone off and go outside in the sunlight for a while. Too much time prowling the internet to dig up obscure tinfoil hat subjects isn't good for you! 8-)
        • :)

          youre nicely wrong....and limited :)

          bit [dot] ly/RYzOPP
      • Not to mention

        Point 4 which also shows Adobe and Apple up to no good!
      • Holy moly!

        The U.S. government needs to get this idiot into counseling before he goes on a rampage. This is one stupid post.
    • LOL! Change your name to DrWrong!

      Android is completely irrelevant on laptops. Why Rachel even included laptops in that percentage is beyond me, especially when Windows is dominate on laptops.
  • doubt it

    Android is powering laptops? Never heard about that. What is the point of adding laptops to the same category as phones and tablets anyway?
    I can see that android is popular but all this stat does not look very reliable. It is just an android advertisement piece.
    • No it is true

      There are laptops running Android... Not a ton of them but, they do exist because it features full keyboard and mouse support.
      • Come on!

        Android doesn't power one half of one percent of laptops.
  • Yep

    This Linux / Unix OS taking over computing was predicted more than 30 years ago and thanks to Google it is actually happening.
    • This is hardware shipments

      It doesn't take into account OS upgrades and PC/Server sales.

      Not sure why they felt the need to throw laptops in there as everyone considers them PCs.
      William Farrel
      • At this rate

        In a few years tablets and smartphones will exist in a bigger number than traditional pc's. Both are set to be bigger individually.
      • Things are all mixed up

        Impossible to see where the margins are any more. Probably best to include the desktops as well and call them all "computers" or "Client devices".
    • Android is not Linux!

      Never has been, never will be. Just because it's built on a Linux kernel doesn't make it Linux.

    Microsoft Windows owns 90%+ of the laptop market... Why would you put smartphones and laptops in a category together?
  • Android is coming to the enterprise

    Dell is preparing it's own version of Android-on-a-stick devices for the enterprise. If you think about it, many employees are content consumers. They might view a spreadsheet (with light editing or sorting), create some simple Word documents, download a report from the data warehouse, doing most of their work on web based applications. These workers are ripe to be switched to a vastly simpler and cheaper desktop.
    People that actually do data processing, use MS Access, or complex Excel work will still need a full blown Windows PC with the works, but probably no more than 25 % of the workforce. Further erosion of market share for Microsoft.