Canalys: More than five million smart watches will ship in 2014

Canalys: More than five million smart watches will ship in 2014

Summary: Apparently there is a market for "smart watches," based on analyst forecasts.


Do you have a smart watch yet? Based on a new report from Canalys, maybe you'll be a lucky owner in 2014.

The market intelligence firm published a new report on Tuesday, predicting that more than five million smart watches will ship in 2014.

As the pint-sized market stands now, the most notable and buzzed-about contender has been the Pebble -- although researchers highlighted more 330,000 smart watches shipped in 2012, led by Sony and Motorola.

Canalys predicted that that at least 500,000 units will ship by the end of 2013. That's a roughly 900 percent increase.

Suffice to say, industry analysts think this market is poised to explode within the next year.

Canalys vice president and principal analyst Chris Jones went so far as to declare in the report that smart watches will be "the most important new product category in consumer electronics since the iPad defined the market for tablets."

The report rests upon numerous reports that will soon see competitors from the likes of Apple, Samsung, and Google, among others.

However, Canalys analyst James Wang warned that smart watches aren't just a "second screen" for a smartphone, stipulating they'll need a mobile software platform entirely new to the form factor.

"Google and Microsoft must execute more successfully than they have done with their tablet platforms and will have to adapt their business models appropriately," Wang added.

Nevertheless, Jones posited that smart watches will present "a tremendous opportunity" for mobile developers, inspiring them to be able "write apps in categories such as health and wellness or sports and fitness."

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  • In what market?

    Five million world wide? That's not too amazing for something bloggers are hailing with such hype. Kind of an important omission in this blog post.
    • Yea probably not ready for prime time

      They need a month long battery, touch screen and video calling via (Facetime, Tango or Skype) to be even remotely useful. LOL get it? Remotely.
  • Right

    And this is based on what?

    Nothing that I can figure.
    • it's based on data from Canalys

      so that pretty much sums it up.
      William Farrel
      • Sure

        Except the lack of any real data beyond the pitiful amount that have already been sold.

        The rest is just made up (sorry, predicted...........)
  • Skeptical

    Build a smart watch that can replace my smart phone and we have a deal. In their current form smart watches are a novelty that I am surprised anybody is taking seriously.
  • $5 and $10 smart watches, is all that will come of the new form-factor,

    sold at dollar stores and street vendors and flea markets, after the initial novelty wears off, within the first year.

    ARM processors will cost $1, and memory will be in the 500MG range, the OS will be free, and "free" initial apps. Essentially, with hardly any money to be made, or none, all makers will be sent looking for something to better spend their time and money on.
  • smartwatch

    My personal opinion is that they will crater badly. We shall see.
  • No one believed...

    that the iPad would bring down the desktop computer. No one believed the predictions of shipments. Well, BELIEVE this time! It's coming! Batten down the hatches!!!!
    Tony Burzio
  • Look For Microsoft To Introduce "Windows Watch 8"

    Windows Watch will have the much-loved "Tiles" interface, but underneath the hood it will have completely different APIs from Windows Phone, Windows RT or Windows Windows. Its OS has been custom-written to display just one tile at a time, because that's all you would ever need on a watch.

    Hold it, stop the presses. The popularity of large-screen Android watches has promoted Microsoft to rethink its strategy. Look for "Windows Watch 9" to come out soon, to support bigger tile sizes or showing more than one tile at once. In the meantime, Microsoft denies that there are any fragmentation issues with requiring developers to write apps differently for Windows Phone 9, Windows RT for large tablets, Windows RT for small tablets, Windows Windows Tablet for Windows tablets running Windows Windows, and Windows Windows PC for PCs running Windows Windows.
    • YOu need psychiatric help...

      because, you're so obsessed with MS, that you will turn any subject into an anti-Microsoft rant.

      BTW, you are aware that your precious Android is contributing to Microsoft's bottom line, aren't you? That must be really putting a burn in your rear.