Canonical loses Ubuntu marketing exec to Mozilla Firefox OS project

Canonical loses Ubuntu marketing exec to Mozilla Firefox OS project

Summary: The marketing manager from Canonical's OEM department is set to join Mozilla's team from next week, where it is widely expected that he will be working on the organisation's Firefox OS project.


John Bernard, the marketing manager for Canonical's OEM unit, will be leaving his position at the end of this week in order to move across to Mozilla's mobile Firefox OS unit.

A Canonical spokeswoman confirmed Bernard's decision to change roles in a statement on Tuesday.

"We can confirm that John will be leaving Canonical at the end of the week. After over three years at Canonical working on many of our marketing initiatives with OEMs, we wish John all the best in his new role at Mozilla," she said.

Bernard is expected to be taking up a similar marketing-based role at Mozilla to assist with the launch of the open-source Firefox OS platform.

Mozilla had not responded to a request for information at the time of writing.

Bernard's move into Mozilla's mobile ranks would make sense given his previous experience working on the Ubuntu platform, combined with experience from his former marketing roles in the UK for LG Mobile and the now-defunct Sony Ericsson venture.

UPDATE: A Mozilla spokeswoman confirmed to ZDNet on Wednesday that Bernard "will work for Mozilla on go to market for Firefox OS".

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  • Canonical loses Ubuntu marketing boss to Mozilla Firefox OS project

    Like rats fleeing a sinking ship. With Canonical's less than stellar products -meaning linux- I expect to read more stories like this of people jumping ship to better opportunities.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • Loverock, Jumping ship

      “I expect to read more stories like this of people jumping ship to better opportunities.”

      Here you go;
      Windows Phone exec. joins Amazon as smartphone rumors swirl

      Microsoft Windows Phone 7 exec leaves for Yahoo
      • Deflect!

        Way to deflect. Article has nothing to do with Microsoft yet you always bring them up. Another reason why linux and Canonical is failing, no one wants to talk about them and their issues since they would rather deflect it than investigate it.
        Loverock Davidson-
        • You missed the part at top of the article that says Topic: IT Employment

          My links have every thing to do with article, folks leave companies for a number reasons
          every day.

          A manger leaving Canonical is no different than a manager leaving Microsoft.
          • Nope

            The article was about Canonical employees willingly leaving linux land and with good reason. That does not involve Microsoft.
            Loverock Davidson-
          • The article was about Canonical employees willingly leaving linux land

            Poor loverock, do you ever get tired of being wrong? the Canonical employee isn't leaving Linux land because guess what? Firefox OS runs on the Linux Kernel, of course that shouldn't be a surprise now should it, considering Linux is the dominant OS.
          • One moves from Open Source Canonical to Open Source Firefox

            One might call that a lateral transfer.
    • Oh Lovvey you are so right !

      This horrible Linux thing that has blatantly copied the wonderful Microsoft (praise be Bill and Steve) operating system deserves to be thrown into a sack and drowned in the river.
      Rubberduck Rabidson
    • People change jobs all the time

      It doesn't mean anything.
      Michael Alan Goff
    • Mr. Davidson-, Firefox OS is Linux-based too (doh!)

      "Gonk consists of a Linux kernel and userspace hardware abstraction layer (HAL). The kernel and several userspace libraries are common open-source projects: Linux, libusb, BlueZ, etc. Some other parts of the HAL are shared with the Android project: GPS, camera, among others. Gonk is basically an extremely simple Linux distribution and is therefore a porting target of Gecko
      Rabid Howler Monkey
  • Wait... Firefox OS?

    OS? As in "Operating System"?
    Hallowed are the Ori
    • Yes

      “Wait... Firefox OS?”
    • Nope

      No, not like "Operating System". As Firefox OS distribution use Linux operating system.

      The Linux is a monolithic kernel and monolithic kernels are oldest operating systems architecture where whole operating system is running in kernel space and by architecture it works like it would be a single binary (but can be modular in binary level).