Carry all your gear comfortably with the OGIO Gambit 17 backpack (Gallery)

Carry all your gear comfortably with the OGIO Gambit 17 backpack (Gallery)

Summary: OGIO makes high quality bags and one of their newest backpacks is the Gambit 17. The Gambit 17 has compartments for all of your gear so nothing has to get left behind.

TOPICS: Mobility, iPad, Tablets

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  • OGIO Gambit 17

    As a daily train commuter and mobile device enthusiast, I have to carry a bag with my gear on a daily basis. I've been commuting with the OGIO Gambit 17 for the last couple of weeks and think those who have a lot to carry will appreciate the design and functionality of this backpack.

    I have an older wheeled OGIO travel bag I have been using for several years and it still looks as new as the day I got it. The OGIO Gambit 17 backpack is primary black with red highlights and lined pockets. I like the circuit print inside a couple of the pockets that give it a geeky look. There are several pockets and compartments on the bag, along with very comfortable straps.

    The Gambit 17 weighs in at 3.2 lbs, which feels pretty light for how many compartments and pockets there are in the backpack. Starting from the back that rests against your back you will find a zippered pocket on the left shoulder strap and chest strap to hold the backpack securely on your back. The back has padding and a comfortable material pattern.

    The first large compartment is lined in red satin material with a pocket that has a velcro strap to keep your laptop securely in the pocket inside the compartment. There is plenty of padding in this compartment to keep your laptop, up to 15 inches in size, safe and secure.

    The next pocket is one found at the top that is considered crush proof. OGIO calls this a Tech Vault and it is a great compartment for keeping your glasses and other expensive gear safe. Forward and under this Tech Vault, you can see the rigid compartment in this other compartment, is a large area with two dividers that can be used to store a bunch of other gear.

    Continuing to move forward we find a small zippered compartment that I found useful for storing my wallet. Below this is the fleece lined tablet pocket with a forward zippered pocket for yet even more gear. Moving forward again we find the last pocket on the Gambit 17. This smaller compartment has various dividers and storage areas. All of the large compartments have dual zippers with pieces of fabric to make it easy to manipulate.

    You will find four zippered compartments along the sides, which I found great for storing various smartphones. There is a water bottle holder on one side and another with an elastic strap. There are two vertical handles on the top, one that has thick neoprene padding to make it comfortable to carry around.

    The Gambit 17 is 19.5 x 15 x 10.5 inches and 3.2 pounds. There is a capacity of 2050 cubic inches reported for the bag so you can really carry quite a bit at once. I personally found the bag to be too much for my daily needs. However, I have tried many bags over the years and the $100 price for such a high quality bag that carries so much is a good value.

  • Back of the Gambit 17

  • Zippered pocket on the shoulder strap

Topics: Mobility, iPad, Tablets

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  • Is it waterproof/water resistant?

    Matthew, I, like you, am a daily train (and/or bicycle) commuter who carries a number of gadgets in my pack. I am constantly looking for the best option to keep my expensive electronics protected and easily transportable on my modes of transit, and am often let down by purchases. If I am to stuff all my expensive electronics into these seemingly purpose-built pockets, will they be somewhat protected from the sometimes-daily thunderstorms I experience here in the Northeast?
    • Yes, Water Resistant!

      @ Tom Rohrer,

      As a owner of a older OGIO bag, all their bags are at least water resistant. If they are waterproof, it will be listed on the product details page on their website.

      The Gambit 17's product page on OGIO states it's made with 420 D Polyester Oxford. This usually is PVC coated and is water resistant (and sometimes waterproof). Ref:

      My much older OGIO Friction is also made with 420 D Poly Oxford and I know it is water resistant and can keep my bag's contents dry even after walking a mile in heavy rains. (I've done this several times.)

      @ Matthew,

      Is there a better / more in-depth shot(s) of the laptop padded sleeve? Do you know if OGIO added padding to the bottom of the sleeve on the Gambit 17? (I ask since my Friction doesn't have any padding on the bottom of the slip-in sleeve, only the sides.)
  • Got mines as well!


    I just wanted to say I finally got my Gambit 17 as well. Marked improvement over my old Friction. Instead of two pockets designed for electronics, I've got a slew including the semi-hardened "tech vault". Ordered through Amazon, unfortunately, bag was compressed before packing making the tech vault somewhat "smashed". Hope to get it fluffed back out after some use. Kinda wish it was felt/micro lined alloy instead to give it a real "vault" feeling, instead of hardened plastic (what it feels like).

    I did notice the laptop pocket had a strapped sleeve area for a smaller notebook. At first I thought this was the laptop pocket only to realize my 15" ASUS was not going to fit in there. I thought this because the Friction I have has a similar designed sleeve in the largest compartment and it holds up to 17" laptop. I can safely say, the laptop pocket should be able to hold most 15" and 17" laptops unless you have one of those super large (or extra wide) extended batteries. That might add too much width making the laptop unable to fit in that laptop compartment.


    You'll be happy to know that I find construction basically the same as my old Friction. 420D poly outer with a inner water resistant lining. I'm not sure the outer poly lining is fine enough to repel water. I do remember looking at my Friction after the lining fell apart and seeing the somewhat porous outer poly shell wasn't nearly as fine as I expected (more like one of those summer sport jerseys that's made to be cool and you can sorta see through).