Cartoon: Terria's flesh wound

Cartoon: Terria's flesh wound

Summary: Telstra's Now We Are Talking resident cartoonist Mikko lampoons Terria's rapidly declining list of members.

TOPICS: Telcos, AAPT, Optus, Telstra

cartoon Following the departure of AAPT, Soul and TransACT from its ranks, the Terria broadband consortium yesterday gave assurances that Primus, Optus, Macquarie Telecom, Internode and iiNet had confirmed they would remain steadfast.

As might be expected from Telstra, the telco has taken the opportunity to lampoon what it sees as a weakness on the part of its rivals. Telstra's Now We Are Talking resident cartoonist Mikko illustrates the Telstra view.

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(Credit: Mikko's cartoon is re-published with permission from his Now We Are Talking blog, blogtoon).

Topics: Telcos, AAPT, Optus, Telstra

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  • HAHA

    So true.

    Enjoy watching Terria fall apart.
  • so not funny

    I'd still rather terria then telstra!

    telstra - Stop all the cheap blows at terria
  • Quick!

    something bads happened to terria! PR department go! Marketing, bring up some snippy comment in support and ahh Mikko... once again your satarical cartoons *wipes a tear away* terria will be done with after this! telstra shall reign supreme!
  • Rules

    Telstra Rule #1
    When going near the PR department, a well fitting respirator is advised to be worn at all times, lest the smokescreen be inhaled
  • With Terria all you need is a clothes peg

    just to block the smell of B.S. filling the room