CBA augments home buying app: photos

CBA augments home buying app: photos

Summary: The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has said it will release a new augmented reality iPhone app for home buyers and sellers, combining house listings with satellite images and relevant pre-purchase information.


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  • (Credit: CBA)

    The app, supported by property site and local property info and analytics company RP Data, uses augmented reality to allow buyers to search for properties on the market.

  • (Credit: CBA)

    Using the iPhone camera, the app gives buyers a street-view look at properties, with information from past sales prices to suburb profiles including median prices, demographics and growth trends. The satellite map shows available properties in surrounding areas and users can save and track favourites to compare contenders or forward on to friends.

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  • There is already a app like this from StGeorge called housefinder.
    The Comm Bank one isn't out yet, or atleast i certainly can't find it in the app store...
  • Yup, st george have got this app out already, have been using it and have to say it's pretty cool and easy to use. Maybe cba can match em?
  • bit of chatter about george seem to have pipped cba at the post...havent downloaded it yet myself but hear its a solid app