CDW enhances Microsoft Office 365 migration services with SkyKick

CDW enhances Microsoft Office 365 migration services with SkyKick

Summary: The joint offering is aimed at simplifying and speeding conversion projects.

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Aside from reprogramming user habits, the biggest headache of moving to a new platform or application is the time it takes moving files and historical data. To help remove that obstacle, CDW is teaming up with SkyKick to automate and simplify conversions to Microsoft Office 365.

The joint offering centers on SkyKick's three products:

  • Web Planner for assessing existing environments and getting a grip on the scope of the project
  • Migration Sync for moving the data
  • Outlook Assistant for reconfiguring email and collaboration services 

SkyKick's service is scaled for both small companies and (more recently) enterprise accounts supporting 250 to 10,000 users. "New Signature has helped hundreds of customers successfully migrate to Office 365. We are excited about SkyKick’s new Enterprise Suite because its innovative technology gives us more flexibility in designing the optimal migration experience for our customers and helps us simplify the management of migration projects," said Chris Hertz, CEO of IT consulting and managed service provider New Signature, in a statement.

The enterprise solution continues the same components listed above, but the planner and project management applications are more robust and are meant to accommodate multi-domain or mixed-environment migrations. 


Topics: Cloud, Channel

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  • Office 365

    It is crap you have no net no office I will keep my office DVDs they work great
    And we do not want the cloud crap we heard on the news your cloud is been hacked and you can keep our data safe at all
    • Geez...

      You seem to be very paranoid about cloud. I advise you to stop using anything that involves with internet. Based on your worry everything is a problem as most of the systems we use are either directly or indirectly linked to internet.
    • If your internet goes out...

      ... then Office 365 still works.

      You should do a little more research before bashing a product.

      Do you even know what the cloud is?
  • I store my files in the cloud

    It gives me peace of mind, especially with PC syncing in Windows 8 and OneDrive. If the PC fails or just the hard disk, just reinstall Windows 8 and sync, I have my files again. Staying local, really means staying local - that's never a good thing in life or the digital world.
  • smart move CDW

    Heather it'd be interesting to see how many players are now in the Office365 migration "space". Thanks - Scott