CES 2013: AMD-powered Vizio Tablet PC runs Windows 8

CES 2013: AMD-powered Vizio Tablet PC runs Windows 8

Summary: The 11.6-inch slate sports a 1080p display and packs a dual-core AMD Z60 chip, but the company has revealed no pricing or availability info.

TOPICS: Tablets, CES, Windows 8

Vizio kicks off what will no doubt be one of the hottest trends at CES this year: the tablet launch. No matter that there are already too many tablets in the market -- that number will double by the time companies pack up their booths in Vegas this week.

The TV manufacturer has already dabbled in tablets before with its 8-inch Android model, but now it's entering the Windows 8 market with the cleverly named Vizio Tablet PC. Unlike numerous other Windows 8 slates, this is one of the first we've seen that's using an AMD processor to power itself. In particular, it's making use of the dual-core AMD Z60 "Hondo" chip that should make for interesting competition for the Intel Atom Clover Trail CPUs that other Win 8 tablets are packing.

The 11.6-inch Vizio tablet also includes a full 1080p HD display and 64GB of storage, along with the usual tablet specs like front-facing camera and mini-HDMI and mini-USB ports. What we don't know is most important, of course: when the Vizio Tablet PC will be available, and how much it is going to cost. But perhaps those details will be revealed over the course of the week in Vegas.

[Via Engadget]

Topics: Tablets, CES, Windows 8

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  • Not Much More To Expect Than The Acer W500

    The Z-60 APU is basically a lower TDP version of the C-50/C-60 that was in use in the Aver W500 tablet. It has a 4.5W TDP instead of the 9W found in the C-50 and that required active cooling.

    Performance wise, aside a slight increase in the GPU clock, it basically is the same dual 1GHz cores.

    It actually runs Windows 8 fine at the graphics level but more CPU intensive tasks do expose this APU limit.

    At the CPU level, I don't think it can compare to the Z2760, with its dual 1.8GHz cores. Meanwhile, the Z-60 GPU may favorably shine.
    • Z-60 supports better visuals

      than Clover Trail, at least that's what AMD claims. http://www.engadget.com/2012/10/09/amd-z60-tablet-chip/
      While they claim it gives superb gaming experience on a tablet, that processor is limited to 720p for video playback instead of 1080p, which Clover Trail claims.
      Ram U
  • Too many tablets?

    If your going to make a statement like , that would you follow it up with an easy to view list of said tablets and their features and price? Too many for whom my dear Sir? Too many for a Tech. Writer to keep up with, or too many choices for an informed public?
    • exactly

      when did choice become an issue?
      Ram U
    • TOO MANY as in ...

      ... there are too many vendors making too little money on too few of each tablet to make it profitable.

      To be a serious player in commodity consumer electronics one has to sell a BOATLOAD (almost literally) of devices. Microsoft can do it. Apple can do it. (Both as premium price-points.) Amazon has done it - with cutthroat pricing. Samsung has done it!

      Most of the rest of those vendors are clinging to the hope that they might gain enough market-share to survive.

      If the Surface RT catches on, I wonder how many Android vendors will switch to Windows-RT.
      M Wagner
  • Since AMD is aiming this processor directly at Intel's CloverTrail Z2760

    Atom processor, I am assuming the tablets would be priced around $499, which uses Z-60. The cheapest until now using Intel Atom Z2760 (CloverTrail) is $499, ASUS VivoTab Smart. If Visio is getting a 10 point touch, with this 11.6" screen and an active Wacom Digitizer, I would assume it would be start at $600, because a similarly configured Samsung ATIV Smart PC A01US using Intel Z2760 is priced at $799 with 100 nits monitor with 1920x1280 ratio, and A04US which lacks 100 nits display with 1376x768 resolution is $600.
    Ram U
  • Overpriced And Underpowered *YAWN*

    It would be so much easier for Windows to compete against Android if they could just give the hardware away for free...
  • Android devices have positioned themselves at a $199 price-point ...

    ... and very few vendors can live on such narrow margins. I expect a number of Android OEMs to switch to Windows-RT at higher price-points so they can stay profitable.
    M Wagner
    • Re: I expect a number of Android OEMs to switch to Windows-RT

      How can you "stay profitable" on a product that customers won't buy?
  • Finally a Z-60 Tablet

    Waiting so long for this. Btw the Z2760 is 32-bit processor with up to SSSE3 support, ddr2 and HT. The Z-60 is 64-bit "out-of-order" with SSE4a, directx11, and ddr3. Intel has raw power but when you get to more complex or gpu offloading operations the z-60 will catch up. And the z-60 is a z-01 with less power leakage and more efficiency.
    • A Better GPU and Better Options

      An overclocked Hondo is the chip I would've wanted in the Surface (who cares about RT). AMD makes cheaper APUs than Intel and their GPUs are always better thanks to Radeon. The other thing is that since xSD cards and the cloud are available it's not really necessary to include expensive SSDs with 128 GB or even 64 GB for the masses.

      Would you really buy a $500 iPad 4 or Nexus 10 over a $500 32GB Surface Pro? If that Surface Pro had a Hondo or Temash CPU, then not only could you do everything in Office & Photoshop but you could also be playing WOW, Planet Side & Skyrim. MS & OEMs aren't making the right hardware to entice people with that type of marketing though.
      Sim Lash