CES 2013: HP launches U160 USB-powered travel LCD monitor

CES 2013: HP launches U160 USB-powered travel LCD monitor

Summary: HP hopes you'll want to take this 15.6-inch display along with you and your laptop.


The virtues of a dual-monitor setup have long been extolled, but it's difficult to schlep a second screen along with you when you're traveling. HP hopes to cure this problem with its new U160 monitor.

The U160 is a 15.6-inch LED-backlit display that weighs 3.4 pounds,  is a mere 1.02 inches thick and is powered via USB, which makes it about as portable as a second screen could be. It also includes a built-in case that not only protects the display on the go, but also folds into a stand to prop up the U160.

There are a couple of drawbacks. One is the 1,366x768 resolution, which isn't great in this era of the Retina Display. The U160 also draws 5 watts of power from the USB port, which means it might not be suitable for all laptops without using a connector to make use of two USB jacks.

But the good news is that unlike many products being introduced at CES this week, the U160 actually has a price and release date we can report. Luckily, you won't have to break the bank if you want to bring this along with you, as the U160 will cost $179 when it becomes available later this month. That makes it a slightly better deal than the Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421 USB monitor, which is priced at $199 for a 14-inch screen with the same 1,366x768 resolution. 

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  • Now, if there was only a two computer sleeve backpack......

    Why don't any backpacks today have TWO computer sleeves? Sure, you could spend a fortune to customize one at a place like Tom Bihn... but why doesn't anyone make one more affordably?

    Want me to take a laptop and a display with me where ever I go? I have to have the kit to be able to haul BOTH safely...
  • Looks like a nice idea for converting a tablet into a full screen desktop.

    And the tablet could easily be attached to the back of that monitor, with duck tape. ;)

    But the monitor should have an alternate means for power, such as connecting to an electric outlet. Otherwise, the battery on the tablet could be drained fairly quickly.

    Perhaps the next iteration will have the screen come with its own battery.
    • Nifty!

      I like it!

      Could you plug its USB connector into a mains plug if you wanted to?