CES 2013: The two craziest-looking computer cases at CES

CES 2013: The two craziest-looking computer cases at CES

Summary: In Win's H Frame and D Frame unique chassis will be sold in extremely limited quantities at $399 apiece.

TOPICS: CES, Hardware

Desktops were mostly an afterthought at CES -- unless you count adding touch capabilities to Windows 8 all-in-one PCs -- and desktop components had an even lower profile at the trade show. So let's give props to chassis maker In Win, which provided a little pizzazz with a pair of very, very different-looking computer cases.

The D Frame, shown above, takes its open-air cues from past experiemental cases like the Antec Skeleton and Lanboy Air, but heads in a Tinkertoy direction. According to Anandtech, the framing pipes (11 in all) are made of aluminum and the clear side panels of glass. It was on display in both red and orange options, and, per Engadget, claims to be "crush-proof and shock-proof." It also has room for three 3.5-inch drive bays, a pair of 2.5-inch drive bays, eight PCI slots, and large power supplies.


If you like a slightly more elegant, though still radical, approach, the H Frame might appeal more. Its fin-like design owes to the diamond-blade cutting of its aluminum plates. Despite the unusual shape, there's space inside the case for three 3.5-inch drives and a 2.5-inch one, among other parts. It also has one clear side panel. The look is reminiscent of the crazy Darwin Machine Hammerhead HMR989 gaming PC released a couple of years back, though slightly less "out there."

Needless to say, these cases won't appeal to everyone -- or nearly anyone, especially since each will cost $399. In Win is wisely limiting the production of each chassis to very small quantities -- 500 of the D Frame and just 100 of the H Frame. Will you be one of the few to build your next PC with one of these? Either way, if you want to see more pictures of the D Frame and H Frame chassis, head to this site.   

Topics: CES, Hardware

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  • Still Can't Beat The Thermaltake Level 10

    That is still the most avant-garde production case I've ever seen.
  • computer cases

    well they are difenatley over priced for what they are
  • i hate when companies do this

    IT's a case, not a piece of fine art. There's nothing special in it to make it worth $400. The markup on them must be 400%. $100 max
  • Bad designs abound

    How about a case with the motherboard switched to the opposite side of the case so that the fan on the video cards vent upwards like they should so that the heat is not componded on the video board?!