CES 2013: Vizio reveals 10-inch Android tablet powered by Nvidia Tegra 4 chip

CES 2013: Vizio reveals 10-inch Android tablet powered by Nvidia Tegra 4 chip

Summary: The slate would run Android Jelly Bean and sport a 2,560x1,600 display, while the company also has a new 7-inch Jelly Bean tablet in the works.

TOPICS: CES, Android, Tablets

Two of the bigger stories from CES so far have been Vizio's Windows 8 tablet and Nvidia's Tegra 4 mobile processor. So it's only fitting that the two companies have combined on another piece of news in Vegas.

Vizio is apparently showing off a new tablet that runs on the Tegra 4 chip at the trade show, one of two new Android-based prototypes the company is working on. The model powered by the forthcoming Nvidia processor is a 10-inch model that packs 2,560x1,600 resolution, 32GB of storage, and NFC capabilities while running the Jelly Bean flavor of Android. The other tablet is a 7-inch version that also runs Jelly Bean, but lacks the NFC functionality and uses an unspecified processor.

Engadget got its hands on the new tablets, but was given an extremely limited demo that showed off almost none of the Tegra 4's technical tricks. And while not knowing any pricing or release date details might perturb some of us, Vizio is not saying anything more about the eventual availability of these slates. In its defense, the company is referring to these as prototypes, which means there's a chance they may not even hit the market.

It will be worth watching as CES week unfolds to see if any other manufacturers will reveal plans for Tegra 4-based tablets or even show off their own prototypes. We'll keep you posted if they do.

Topics: CES, Android, Tablets

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  • If it's not ready now there's little point. Everyone wants W8 tablets now.

    Besides there's no malware that requires 2,560x1,600 resolution and do you really want all your android malware running on 4 cores?
    Johnny Vegas
    • Ah, no they don't!

      "Everyone wants W8 tablets now"

      Sure, some want those, but not everyone. Those don't suit my needs and I am not alone. If they suit yours, that's great, but don't kid yourself that "everyone" wants a W8 tablet.
    • android malware

      What do you mean android malware. There are some dodgy apps that could be called malware but nothing like W8 malware and viruses. The W8 has already been hacked http://www.geek.com/articles/chips/windows-rt-hack-allows-surface-to-run-unsigned-apps-but-not-desktop-apps-2013017/
      so malware and viruses that run on the destop will run on RT. You will still need to run virus protection on your tablet. What a joke.
    • Foolish comment

      Why would you make such a foolish remark on a public forum that will follow you for life, or at least until you close your account? You think you can speak for " everyone " really... Well as the other fellows (guys/gals), have already pointed out, you speak only for yourself. It's a shame that such obvious Android hate finds it's way into the public discourse. Maybe caused by squinting at your little screen, longing for the freedom of the " open source"... Or you are one of the "shills" paid by Apple to post such foolishness.
      • He is famous for it

        He is famous on these boards for making foolish comments.
  • ZDNet and CNet comments

    They have become festivals of derp.

    May as well turn comments off now.
  • Wow

    I want the Android Tablet! When does it come out???
  • If the price is right...

    this will sell very well. Can't wait to hear and see more about it as it becomes ready to market.
  • If it wasn't demo'd, and it wasn't available to test driving, then it

    didn't really exist.

    Chances are that, what was seen at CES was a tablet with older technology inside, and people couldn't be allowed to play with it for fear that they'd discover that, it wasn't really the tablet that was "announced" with the Tegra processor and the super-duper definition.

    The only reason to have a physical device at the show, was to create buzz about something that will be coming, but won't be ready for many months, if ever.

    MS did the same with their Surface tablets, and didn't allow any touching of playing with those devices, because they wouldn't really be ready for many months, and in fact, the Surface Pro is still not in the market after many months after it was announced.
  • Vizio...Have some forethought...

    What I have not seen in these 'demonstrations' is Micro SD card expandability.

    In this day and age it stuns me that these top of the line tablet making companies do not include this as part of the standard...That extra thought has been added by the tabets made in, and sold through, China.

    Sience the Vizio 10 tablet (which I am VERY excited about) is still a prototype stage, I hope that someone there has the sense to say, "Oh wait...we need 128GB Micro SD capabilities to really be #1."
    • Still Waiting....

      OK, here we are in the 4th quarter of the year and (from what I can tell) there is NO new talk about Vizio's 10.1" tablet with the Nvidia Tegra 4 processor. I've been holding out for this tab. ANY news concerning it's release date or is it still vaporware?
      Mallie Kae