CES 2014: Best in show

CES 2014: Best in show

Summary: From hardware to smart baby monitors, CES 2014 did showcase a number of gems.


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Topics: CES, Android, Emerging Tech, Enterprise Software, Hardware, Mobility

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  • Gallery, skipping ...

    • boring comment

      Yeah? the content is lame and the gallery format is super lame but what's lamest of all is that you have been going on with this stupid posting now for months

      has it not occurred to you that no one at ZDNET cares - no-one is listening to you - and all you are doing is showing yourself off as being of no-account
  • LaCie Sphere??

    Ok, so yesterday it was one of the "11 Born to Fail" devices http://www.zdnet.com/11-born-to-fail-worst-gadgets-at-ces-2014_p7-7000024962/#photo

    Today it was best in show? You writers need to get your acts together.
    • I pretty much agreed with Zak on his "worst of show"

      can't really say I agree with anything here as "best of show"
  • Disappointing

    If these are the best of show for CES this year, it must have been a fairly disappointing show.
  • Full Browsing?

    If this thing does not support FULL Internet browsing - it's a piece of crap! WHY would anyone want an Android ONLY device that is a crippled Internet Browser - Does it do Flash? NOT - 90% of video sites are still flash. Who picked this? Very disappointed - I guess Lenovo is a big advertiser!
    • Full Browsing!

      Go to Google play, download the Dolphin browser and bob's your uncle: you've got flash!
    • I haven't used Flash for video on desktops, laptops or phones for years.

      Flash is dead. D. E. A. D. Dead.

      Get over it.
  • This is it?

    CES 2014 must have been quite a snooze this year.
  • If these are the best

    Society is in deeper trouble than I thought :(
  • iGrill2 Bluetooth Smart Meat Thermometer

    Looks like I have to keep the lid open, unless I want to pinch the wires.
  • Must see all the 3D printing booths

    I agree with most of the comments here. The 3D printing section was great: many companies and the cost is way down from last year. Google "3d printer $495". Also the healthcare section had some interesting companies.
  • CES 2014: 10 Random Gadgets

    Apparently we are just making random lists to quench the audience's incessant thirst for more pointless gallery articles?
  • Bad idea waiting for a big problem.

    Mimo Baby with Intel: Wait until the first baby pull that thing off and chokes to death on it. Seems lame.
  • LOL

    Right after reading Zacks article about all of the "fail" gadgets, Charlie lists it as best in show.


    Does go to show how subjective things are sometimes.

    . . . then you go on to read some other article about how somebody thinks they absolutely know what things are "the future" and what "direction" the world is "headed," and how "inevitable" it all is.

  • Let Me Know

    When ZD Net modernizes their image carousels. I don't need to add to their click count at the expense of my time.
  • Most of these are a waste of $ and time

    Only 2 of these are useful. The thermometer and the Mimo, exception to that, the thermometer is way over priced and the distance at which it can be monitored because BT signals break down if your not in line of sight. Mimo's problem, the clip is to fat and most onesies are stained so bad in few uses most people throw them out or use them for rags in the shop. Rest assured the strips won't last in many washings. Any amount of $ it will be recalled due to design flaw. I am also a gamer, so the Steam Machine is apparently a desperate grab for money. I can download the same games from Steam on my computer and save "$499 to premium models for up to $6,000" to upgrade it when the machine is obsolete to play newer games. I just upgraded my computer for less than $900 to future proof for another 10 years (unless Intel can make a CPU twice as fast as my 4770k in that time).
  • CES

    If these items are the best then I think anyone who paid to get in to CES should get a refund X's 2. These 'best' are laughable!
  • CES

    I can only think that if these items are the best of CES...then the CES expo is on life support now!
  • Best of/Worst of CES 2014

    Can't see much difference between your's and Zac's article.
    It all looks pretty crappy.
    Apart from the Lacie drive which featured in both! Way too expensive. But smart! (looks great)