CES 2014: Sony introduces $799 Vaio Fit 11A | Flip PC Windows 8.1 laptop-tablet hybrid

CES 2014: Sony introduces $799 Vaio Fit 11A | Flip PC Windows 8.1 laptop-tablet hybrid

Summary: The latest in the company's Flip PC convertible notebook line is its smallest yet, and ships with Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 pre-installed.


There's no end in sight for the convertible laptop trend in Windows portables, and this year's CES has already seen new hybrid notebook/tablets from Asus and Lenovo. Now you can add Sony to the mix, as it has extended its Flip PC lineup with a smaller model that better competes with full-size tablets.

The Vaio Fit 11A | Flip PC will be easier to hold than its bigger Flip 13, Flip 14, and Flip 15 siblings, though its starting price ($799) is actually the same as the Flip 14. It packs a quad-core Intel Pentium CPU, 128GB of solid-state storage, and a full HD touchscreen with Triluminos technology. The 2.82-pound device, which comes in black, silver, or pink color choices, runs Windows 8.1 and can fold into tablet mode (as shown above) or can swivel on its hinge into laptop mode.   

Also shown above, the Fit 11A | Flip PC also includes a digital pen, which can come in handy with the pre-installed Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 software that Sony is adding to this and other Vaio computers this year. That might differentiate it from the pack when it starts shipping at the end of February, as no doubt there will be plenty more hybrid competitors by then.  

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  • Nice.

    I'd like to try using this one myself now. I've used other brands and don't I care for the framed flip screens some other manufacture makes.
  • Have Flip

    I have a 15" Flip. I like the 2 hinge flip format better than any of the others (rips, spins, back-flips, fly-n-flips, rip-n-flip). It will be interesting in the next year or two to see which one wins. Still, there is room for design improvements I the hinges on the 2 hinge flip.
  • Not into the bulk and weight of these "flip" designed PCs

    Just seems like a lot of weight to carry around when the device is in tablet mode. My company has a Dell XPS flip and I tried it for a few weeks but tended to like the Surface Pro better. Actually I like the Surface RT more so as a companion device to remote into my desktop when I am out and about. Make it even thinner and I will like it more.
    Rann Xeroxx