CES 2014: ThinkPad Tablet 8 brings the small tablet into the boardroom

CES 2014: ThinkPad Tablet 8 brings the small tablet into the boardroom

Summary: Lenovo unveils a small tablet running Windows 8.1 with the ThinkPad brand.

ThinkPad Tablet 8 (Image: Lenovo)

Windows 8 tablets are appearing regularly, and Lenovo has unveiled an 8-inch ThinkPad tablet at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The ThinkPad Tablet 8 is the newest tablet and the first 8-inch model in the ThinkPad product line.

The ThinkPad Tablet 8 runs full Windows 8.1 on a 1920x1200 display with Intel Bay Trail technology inside which should yield decent performance and good battery life.

ThinkPad Tablet 8 specs:

  • Processor: Intel® Z3770 Quad-Core 2.4Ghz (Bay Trail Quad Core)

  • OS: Windows 8.1 (includes Office)

  • Display: 8.3 inch (1920x1200) FHD with 10 finger multi-touch screen

  • Memory: 2GB

  • Storage: Up to 128GB

  • Cameras: Front: 2 MP (HD1080p); Rear: 8MP (HD1080p)

  • Ports: 1x MicroUSB 3.0; 1x MicroHDMI; MicroSD ; MicroSIM (WWAN only)

  • Communications: 4G LTE/3G or WiFi

  • Battery: Up to 8 hours (20.5Whr)

  • Weight: 430g (0.95lbs) WiFi, 439g (0.97lbs) WWAN

  • Dimensions: 132 mm x 224.3mm x 8.8mm; 5.19 x 8.87 x 0.34 inches
ThinkPad Tablet 8 Quickshot Cover
ThinkPad Tablet 8 Quickshot Cover (Image: Lenovo)

The ThinkPad Tablet 8 is a full Windows tablet, and Lenovo is including Office. The inclusion of Office is becoming commonplace on Windows tablets as Microsoft and OEMs realize that is the biggest draw over tablets on other platforms.

Given its small size Lenovo is not offering a keyboard option, but has a unique smart cover it calls the Quickshot Cover. This has a corner that can be folded down, exposing the 8MP rear camera and automatically firing up the camera app.

The ThinkPad Tablet 8 will be available from Lenovo in late January starting at $399.

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  • 32 or 64 bit?

    Did the get the updates for 64bit on Bay Trail or will this still be 32bit.
    • 2GB RAM

      If it only has 2GB RAM, to me that implies 32-bit. No sense in wasting resources by storing 64-bit pointers if you don't need the extra address space. Unless you have 6-8GB RAM, I don't htink 64-bit pays good dividends.
  • Where's my Thinkpad Tablet 3?

    Come on Lenovo, forget these 8inch distractions, just take the Thinkpad Tablet 2 swap out the processor for a Z3770, whack another 2 gig of ram in it and improve the keyboard to act as a screen cover like the Logitech Ultrathin or the one on the Vaio Tap 11 and your done. It surely isn't that hard.
  • Finally an 8 inch with broadband

    I've been waiting for this. I assume it has GPS. Unless something comes out competitive with it I am pretty sure I will picking this one up.
  • Tablets are already in the boardroom

    Though it is nice to have an added Windows based option.
    • Agreed

      We have a few already being used by Directors and Managers, the surface pro (1) is a great device but the weight compared to the iPad can be something that might hold people back. I ran Autodesk Map 3D 2014 on the surface pro and it ran really good, 20 thousands points like it was nothing.

      This little device looks like it could be a winner as well as the price seems to be in the right range. I still dont mind the iPad mini but i am sick to death of the ios 7.**, its made my iPad a complete pr!ck to use.
      • Caution...

        While the new Atoms roar, your post might lead some to think they can expect Autodesk to perform on them. The Surface Pro has an i-5 which still enjoys a considerable processing performance advantage over the Atom. I love my Dell Venue Pro 8 but when I run a Java J-Unit test script on it vs. my i-5 laptop, the VP8 takes 45 seconds and the i-5 2430M finishes in 10 seconds. Lots of variables in play here (64-bit vs. 32-bit, 16GB RAM vs. 2GB RAM, 500MB/sec SSD vs. slower tablet 120MB/sec). However the test is small and is not constrained by memory. I believe it's a combination of slower RAM bandwidth, slower CPU processing performance and slower disk. Don't get me wrong -- I'm impressed by the VP8 but it probably isn't going to run Autodesk like even a middle-of-the-road full laptop desktop -- nor should it be expected to do that kind of work.
  • GPS ?????

    It is becoming usual and irritating omission of windows tablets. Does this tablet have GPS or not? Isn't it so hard to add one line in specs? None of OEMs that I looked provide that info. I looked at Dell, Microsoft and Lenovo and none had any information about GPS. Why is it so hard?
    • Hard to say...

      I know the Lenovo Miix 2 comes with GPS functionality, but it is not advertised on the Lenovo site. Maybe they don't want to advertise the GPS because the new implementation in Windows 8 is not compatible with any of the mainstream mapping products? From the forums I have read, even Microsoft's own Streets and Trips software cannot access the GPS on the Lenovo Miix 2!

      So, it may (or may not) have GPS hardware. If it DOES have GPS hardware, Lenovo might be playing it safe by not emphasizing this feature since most of the applications that people would use cannot access information from the GPS. That will probably change down the road, but its an unfortunate situation for the time being.
  • Consumer traction...

    So there's been a recent flurry of Windows 8 tablet releases as manufacturers express confidence in Intel's (excellent) Bay Trail processors. Hopefully we'll see app publishers respond by producing new titles and revisiting shelved projects. We're all waiting for Pandora, and I'd like to see Pinball Arcade and Shadowgun de-mothballed. If anything the runaway success of the ASUS T100 this holiday season should provide impetus by showing that there is consumer demand for Windows if the price/performance ratio is right. If the App publishers don't respond with a nice crop of new releases, however, it could be rocky sailing for Windows 8 consumer products.
    • pandora

      Pandora touch is available now - at least I have it on my windows tablet. I've pretty much stopped using Pandora, though.
    • Apps suck

      It's a fact and has to be accepted that consumers adore apps, the same way they went with VHS and the same way they pay for insurance instead of national health care even though it's much more expensive. But 99% of all apps are just crap, and most of them are simply ways to isolate the user's info. Why, for instance, do I need to get the app for every damn article I read only phone? Sign in, use Facebook, give use your information! Why do I need the app for my bank, credit cards, broker (they have 2), Costco, homedepot, Publix, anything? It's already on the web. Just make your site compatible with mobile tech and stop cluttering my phone with your Dallas Examiner app. The only things apps are useful for is for mental masturbation like Angry Birds or whatever else people wasting time are doing.
      Christopher Isto
      • Couldn't agree more....APP Hype

        I can't agree more with your comments. Developers have seen how much they can make from free or low cost apps and have jumped on the APPS bandwagon all too eagerly. While there are many useful apps I'd say less than 5% are things you can't already do from a browser. I wish more companies would build proper sites that were better enabled for touch then the need for these silly add on apps as you described just went away. I predict that in a year we'll see less of a focus on the number of apps and start focusing on the quality. It's a numbers game for the leader and always has...whether it was MSFT in the 90's against Apple and now Apple against MSFT and Android. It didn't matter then and it doesn't matter now. Buy the device that works for you and has the ability to work and or play they way you want and don't get wrapped up in the "numbers game". I would bet most use about 5 apps (not counting games) on a regular basis (at least once a day). I'm sure there are those here that read and post that are not the norm and may have many more... but remember folks...if you read these and post... you are not the average user.
      • Been saying basically the same thing for years now...

        Far too many apps aren't really applications. They're just "enablers", because, what they do is just to enable people to gain access to the content of the makers of that "app". Then, most of the other "real apps" are mostly useless, and even when people find a use for them, they're mostly set aside after a while and never used again.

        So, to me, and to many others, apps are mostly over-hyped and useless, and only serve to sell an ecosystem, such as when the Android fanatics and Apple fanatics, tout the "millions of apps" available to their respective platforms. Most are useless and not applicable to what people want or need.
  • What the #$%@ - No Stylus

    Lenovo has been a stalwart with Wacom support for Windows tablets - what are they thinking not including a Wacom stick, like Asus is offering in its VivoTab Note 8? This is so stupid it is almost unbelievable, but then again Ashton Kutcher is in charge of the Android division, so what should we expect...
  • GPS, power and power-connector

    if it got GPS, then lets hope it works. We use thinkpad 2 tablet with win 8 and the GPS is very bad. It freezes, get stuck in position or runs back to a default position and stays there.
    We had to buy USB GPS antennas to make it work, the internal GPS do not work well with Win 8. (we have 35 tablets and they all have the same issue)
    Also...how do you charge it. With only one Micro USB, how do you charge and connect a USb device at the same time ? On the Thunkpad 2, the power supply (5V) is so slow, if you use GPS, 3G and screen at the same time, it can hardly keep up with usage.
    And we use it on the move, so docking station is not an option. Make me a charger for car 12V to the same connecter as the docking uses !
    now 3 months in use already 4 tablets has a broken micro usb connection, because this is where you charge it..and its very fragile.
    So to recap. A brilliant tablet...with issues
    • Are you sure you have GPS?

      Windows has so called "location services" that tries to guess you location based on internet address. This may work for desktops but for portables it is quite unusable. I can understand why your tablets "GPS freezes and resets to home position". These tablets do not have GPS. Simple as that.
      Also GPS USB antenna? You must have USB GPS devices because there is no such thing as USB GPS antenna.
    • Use Hub

      You can use a hub!
  • Best part is full

    Win 8.1. No crap droid.
    • you mean worst part...

      is full windows. full crap