CES 2014: Toshiba introduces first Chromebook, 13.3 inch display

CES 2014: Toshiba introduces first Chromebook, 13.3 inch display

Summary: Chromebooks reportedly did well in 2013 and we are sure to hear of many more new models in 2014. Toshiba kicked things off by announcing their first Chromebook.

CES 2014: Toshiba introduces first Chromebook, 13.3 inch display
CNET Review: The Toshiba Chromebook (Image: Toshiba)

The HP Chromebook 11 is one of my favorite Chromebooks and if I don't see anything particularly compelling at CES, I may order one. Toshiba announced their first Chromebook, named Toshiba Chromebook, which comes with a 13.3-inch display.

Most of the new Chromebooks have the same display resolution, capabilities, and price. The Toshiba Chromebook's 13.3 inch display fits in between the 11 inch HP, Acer, and Samsung and 14 inch HP models. Unfortunately, the display resolution remains the same at 1366 x 768, which is the one thing that really bothers me about this generation device.

The Toshiba model is priced at only $279, for WiFi only, and does have an Intel Haswell processor for long battery life. It comes with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of integrated storage. It's expected to be available on February 16.

I am still looking for that Chromebook with a higher resolution display and Intel Haswell processor that is not priced like the Pixel. We'll see what else comes out of CES this week.

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  • Close, but no cigar

    I'd like to get my hands on a Chromebook, but no one's got the combination of display, processor, battery life and performance quite right. Nearly bought an Acer, but I was underwhelmed by the screen.

    We'll have to see what Dell and, more likely, Samsung come up with.
    Brian O'Blivion
    • You expectations are too high

      I think your expecting too much for a $200 notebook. Yes, I have a Acer C720 and I do think the screen quality could be better. But frankly, its not really that bad.
      • I agree

        The screens on all of them are pretty much the same. I think they're still seeing what people would be willing to pay for these lower resolution screens. Eventually they'll release high resolution ones at a good price point.
        • The screen

          on the HP Chromebook 11 is reportedly pretty good, as is the build quality. And the performance and battery life of the new Acer are also impressive. I'm waiting for someone to combine the two, even if I have to pay a bit extra.
          Brian O'Blivion
          • I think you're describing...

            ...the kind of chromebook the converted (i.e. people who already own a chromebook and like it) want. I know I'd have no problem moving to the $400-$500 price range for a nicer chromebook (with 4G LTE) as a replacement upgrade for my Samsung Chromebook XE303.
      • monitor

        You could always plug it into a nicer monitor, when at your home or work.
  • Like my Acer C720!

    I can tell you if the Acer with the Hazwell CPU was 13.3" it would be my ideal notebook. I really like my C720 but do not particularly like 11.6" screen. Anyone who says these Chromebooks need more powerful hardware are living too far back in the Windows days. Chrome OS is not a resource hog and frankly my C720 runs just fine with the hardware it has.
    • But

      I'd prefer a Chromebook that could handle heavy photo editing. :)
      • Meaning

        It would need a bit more RAM and processing power
        • there is an OS for that

          You will have to go Win8.1 ( the strange one ) or OS X to get something with heavy editing power. Chromebooks were never designed for that. Why not get a desktop for photo editing?
  • perfect

    For legacy minimalist touchophobe webophiles, the future of computing is not your interest your the bullseye of the Corporate target and NSA demographic, one who never uses a PC for "personal computing". I'll Pass.
  • I dream of Chromebooks....

    Not really.

    BUT I've got the HP Pavillion Chromebook and I love it, regardless of my 4 hour battery life.

    What I would really like to see in a Chromebook is a machine that can handle RAW and NEF files and Photo Editing. That would be ideal for my job!
    • Just not the targeted consumer

      I think the Pixel was the better solution for users wanting more power. The rest of the Chromebooks are for the general consumer who wants a cheap internet device. Nothing more.
    • Try Linux based Apps "Inkscape" or "Gimp" from a Cloud Provider

      There's going to be somewhat of a learning curve if you haven't used these Image Editors yet. However, they are free and come from the Linux ecosystem of apps that you can download from any Linux Distro OS. You can now access these apps and work on them on-line using the site below. There is a little latency but you can see for yourself whether it's suitable for what you want to use the Chromebook for.

  • Chromebooks...

    You can wish all you want for more power but these are still nothing more than browsers on wheels.

    • uh

      you say that like it's a bad thing. it's not.