CES fails of the 21st Century

CES fails of the 21st Century

Summary: We have a look at some hot products which did not live up to the hype after launching at CES. Some were simply far ahead of their time.


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  • Microsoft SPOT watch

    The Microsoft SPOT Watch smartwatch was ahead of its time when it was announced in 2003. SPOT stood for Smart Personal Object Technology. This was an initiative by Microsoft to personalize household electronics and other everyday gadgets.

    Development stopped in 2006 and officially shut down in 2008.

    Image: Smartwatch news

  • Kerbango

    The Kerbango was introduced in 2000. It was a radio that worked on either dial-up or broadband and played stations streamed from the Intenert.

    Image: ezinemark

  • Sony Slider TV

    The TAV-32FL2 was a concept product from Sony in 2005. It contained a 32 inch Sony Bravia LCD TV in a speaker housing. When listening to music you could slide the speaker up over the screen. It was said to feature surround sound in the compact design.

    Image: Elliottback

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  • 2 "Smart Watches"

    Both failled. Next year, we'll add Galaxy Gear to the list.
    • Why wait 'til next year?

      It should be at the top of the list right now.
  • Re: Smartwatches

    I agree with mheartwood. The whole idea of a Smartwatch seems totally steampunk to me. Maybe next year we'll be talking about a Smart Bowler Hat or a Smart Manual Typewriter.
  • As retro-gear those items are all so cool

    But I can see why they each failed, I wouldn't have bought any of them
  • Forgot about the Fossil watches, but those Xi3s are still around!

    I forgot about the Fossil watch, so did many others it seems. It was a neat concept. But again i agree with the others. Not sure Smartwatches are going to get much penetration this time around either.

    Those Xi3s are actually pretty sweet. And they are still making them with the latest tech! If price was lower, or not even an option for me. I'd get that and dump my old desktop PC in a heartbeat!
  • Sony e Villa

    That is similar to the Chromebooks... Hmmm
  • You missed the Xoom.

    Won the best Gadget of the year in 2012 CES. Calling it a massive failure would be kind.

    I have no clue why Xi3 is in the list. Might be a bug in your page.
  • Not at CES, but

    there is a gadget being sold in Tokyo that can receive any mobile call within a certain radius, basically aim and receive, and it records the calls also. It also works with google glass and can pick up the connections they have and even change them and false feed if wanted.
  • WebOS may it rest in peace

    Could have been ahead of its time, with "bump" and airdrop technology, fast processing and os, wireless charging.

    However, iPhone already owned the market, and Palm didn't have the cash to keep going. HP didn't want it, even though they bought it. Another corporate politics destroying what might have been.
    Xerox, anybody?
    • The failure of WebOS & Palm saddened me

      I *wanted* WebOS, I *wanted* a Palm Pre, but I was *not willing* to leave my carrier and sign up with Sprint.

      That's a serious issue facing many innovative products, especially cell phones ... they almost always are tied to some particular service provider or vendor. Southern Pacific Railroad is still having difficulty competing with Verizon and AT&T ... they simply don't have (have not had for years) any buzz or "gotta have it" factor. The only case I can think of where a tied product was truly successful was the Apple iPhone (for the first couple years only AT&T had the phone, and we all know how successful it's been).
      Gravyboat McGee
  • Notice: TISSOT on the top of the watch?

    Backwards it spells, "TOSS IT" ! LOL!
    Maybe they knew it was going to be trash
    before they marketed it
    or it was a premonition they failed to see! LOL!
    • The jokes on you...

      Tissot is a Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches. They've probably been in business for a hundred years or more.

  • The Kerbango was ahead of its time...

    An internet radio that you could use in the kitchen was a great idea. The problem was that internet radio hadn't yet come of age when it was introduced. There are now lots of gadgets on the market that do the same thing, though none have taken the market by storm.