Champagne gold iPhone 5S images leak

Champagne gold iPhone 5S images leak

Summary: A Japanese website has published images of the rumored gold iPhone, suggested for release in September.

TOPICS: Apple, iOS, iPhone, Mobility

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    The only major difference, except of course the color, appears to be a slightly thinner version of the standard "iPhone" trademark at the back. 

    Either way, the Chinese are sure to love it


  • Same phone, same features, shift in color

    Same size, different color. The position of the buttons does not seem to have changed, and the new model does appear to retain all of the standard iPhone's design features. 

  • Why gold?

    While a gold iPhone may scream luxury and bling to some, others are left scratching their heads as to why champagne gold would be considered.

    Cheesy, fashionable, tacky or classy -- whatever your opinion when you merge gold with Apple's iconic brand, it's probable that such a device will generate huge sales

Topics: Apple, iOS, iPhone, Mobility

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          • Spammers with voting rights?

            So the spammers are upvoting their own posts now?

            Yes zdnet, your spam filter is totally effective.
            Little Old Man
  • The hardware evolution of smartphones has reach a plateau

    What more proof do you need when the buzz about the next iPhone is that it's champagne colored? Honestly, what new hardware features could you pack into the form factor that aren't already there? This isn't a slam of iPhones since it's true regardless of smartphone OS.
    Sir Name
    • I agree.

      A new case color, plus different icons, doesn't help them catch up to the superior hardware and software features of other high end phones. This update seems to be entirely created by the Apple art department. Apparently, the programmers and hardware engineers were on vacation for the past year.

      Personally, when I first heard gold, I thought obnoxious bling-style yellow gold. This isn't gold at all. This is far more attractive than gold would have been. From the picture, I'd say it's much closer to silver in color than gold. This may actually look good, depending on the color of the missing elements.
  • Wow, that looks so gaudy

    The only problem with apple is they just have no taste. They have absolutely no taste. And I don't mean that in a small way, I mean that in a big way, in the sense that they don't think of original ideas, and they don't bring much culture into their products.
    • Toddbottom3 has earned his success

      For the most part. He just makes third rate trolls.
  • Nice Trolling toddbottom!

    Lets see who bytes! (-;
    You never know they may have squeezed in a faster processor and better camera.. I hope they have.. not to mention NFC and wireless charging.. I suspect the metal case while prevent wireless charging.. and I wonder where the antenna is going? in a metal case? Unless the antenna is the case.. hopefully not another 'antenna gate'.. but probably.. and as usual it won't be their fault..
    • Re: You never know they may have squeezed in a

      The new iPhone will have much better camera.
      • Let's hope so

        Because apple has always had one of the worst cameras in the market. This is how bad its gotten:
    • Re: I wonder where the antenna is going?

      You see the top and bottom plastic/glass strips? There is plenty of space for multiple antennas there. The last few iPhone designs also use the "all metal" body as antennas, which is in fact not a single piece, but several metallic pieces. See the tiny slots on the sides?
      No worries with the antennas. The new iPhone is expected to have more antennas than the previous models.
      • Why are they improving the antennas?

        "The new iPhone is expected to have more antennas than the previous models."

        We were always told that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the antennas in the iphone 4. We were promised.
        • Re: Why are they improving the antennas?

          Because, toddy, there are new technology developments, that require more radios and therefore more antennas.

          As you know, Apple, unlike Microsoft has not invented the world and they implement things as they become available.
  • Whoopie a gold champagne phone! NOT!!

    What's with the hoopla of the iPhone coming out in Champagne Gold color? The big question is what refinements were made to the phone itself!