Charge-it keeps mobile users charged and connected on the go

Charge-it keeps mobile users charged and connected on the go

Summary: If you get frustrated with the inconvenience of mobile phones running low on battery power then take heart. Secure mobile phone charging stations are growing in popularity thanks to new distribution deal.


Charge-it has announced a new deal that will see it rolling out even more of its free public charging stations at locations around the UK this year. 

Charge-it keeps mobile users charged and connected on the go
Image: RiCharge

A recent YouGov survey found that 61 percent of under 30-year olds have run out of battery power on their mobiles while out and about.

48 percent of respondents also confirmed that they had been in situations when they had wanted to use the features on their phones, but had not done so for fear of running out of battery.

Charge-it supplies mobile phone charging units to all public places to ensure you stay charged.

A Charge-it Box is a machine for charging devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, iPods, PSPs, and other small, mobile electronics.

They can be situated in locations such as hotels, shopping centres, airports and many more with securable lockers, so devices can be safely charged at the owner’s convenience.

Charge-it mobile device charging stations can already be found in several shopping centres across the UK. The company recently secured the exclusive UK rights to RiCharge stations, which offer secure public phone charging with fingerprint locking for peace of mind.

The charging stations look like small, vending-style machines. Each unit comes complete with a 23” LED screen for advertising purposes with a remotely updated media screen and content management system for branding.

Charge-it keeps mobile users charged and connected on the go ZDNet
Image: Charge it

As well as in shopping centres, they can be situated in locations such as hotels and airports and at festivals and events such as Glastonbury.

Each features securable lockers, so devices can be safely charged at the owner’s convenience.

The RiCharge stations have state of the art security systems to guarantee user confidence. Each of the eight lockable charging compartments feature fingerprint secure technology.

This means that the owner of the phone can swipe their digit to open the compartment, insert their device, and then retrieve it the same way when the charge is complete.

 Public charging stations are increasingly in demand by savvy consumers plagued with short battery life – an inconvenient fact of life.

Richard Brewster, Charge-it Managing Director said, "With messaging, internet, video and images, it’s no real surprise that mobile phones are not able to hold their charge for long periods of time but, there are few things more inconvenient than being out and about and realising that your battery is about to go dead."

"Quick, convenient and free, public charging stations are as essential as petrol stations for those of us who rely on our device on a daily basis. 

This service is essential and with many public places now offering recharge points for cars, it’s hard to believe that mobile phone chargers are still very much in their infancy."

With the rise of electric car charging stations at supermarkets and other locations, now you will be able to charge your mobile phone and charge your car — and collect your groceries at the same time.   

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  • Hope these stations block signals

    It is a sad commentary when one has to think like this, but unless these stations also block all communications with the mobile device while charging, I can see one of these used to store a remote bomb control. The phone acts like a timer and sends a signal at the right time, or relays a signal from another device.
    Jim Johnson
  • Mirror?

    What's the mirror for? Not to check your nose hair I'm sure.
  • This is Good & Risky.

    The good part is that one will be able to charge the phone if it runs dead or is getting low. They also cell backup battery packs which will be safer I think. Will this idea hinder companies in making batteries that last longer on devices? I believe I read some article about wireless charging and the possibilities it may have. One can be at a coffee shop or at a mall for instance and have the phone charge while you are at the location. It may hinder research on new ideas.
  • There already are...

    Coffee shops that are offering wireless charging for cell phones.
  • i just bought a second battery

    and swap it out around for pm. Plus id you're on the car, make it routine key, seatbelt, plugin phone, drive away..

    They are small enough to be easily plortable, can get an OEM one on Ebay for typically under fifteen bucks, Amy swapping out is easy... i don't know why more people don't
  • Swype...

    You did me dirty.... Made me look barely literate... Thanks....
  • Small USB Battery based Chargers?

    Why is nobody talking about USB battery chargers? A portable battery can be used to recharge your phone. They are ~$20-$30.
    • Looks so cool!But a portable battery will be better.

      It looks so cool! But I think a Lumsing portable battery will be better for emergency.