Charging up two iPhones, simultaneously, with the MacBook Air

Charging up two iPhones, simultaneously, with the MacBook Air

Summary: During a power outage, the MacBook Air was a great power source

TOPICS: iPhone, Apple, Laptops

When Hurricane Sandy hit, my family lost power for about two and a half days. As a result, my wife and I were staying connected via our iPhones. Unfortunately, the iPhone can only last so long so inevitably we had to find a power source to keep our communication lines open. Enter the MacBook Air.

I'm sure that you've charged plenty of gadgets via the USB port on your PC / Mac in the past. In this case, though, I figured since I had two iPhones and both were in need of charging (less than 10 percent left), that I might as well try to charge them both at once.

Previously, on other laptops, I've been lucky to still have battery life left in the laptop after a charging session, not to mention that most times the mobile phone doesn't get recharged to 100 percent. In this case, though, not only did both iPhones get recharged, but I also talked on the phone on one while it was charging.

In summary, three things surprised me about this experience:

  • The MacBook Air managed to charge both iPhones fully, simultaneously
  • One of the iPhones was being used while charging, and it still fully charged
  • The MacBook Air still had more than 50 percent of its battery power left

I've been a longtime user of laptops and used to suffer from quickly diminishing battery power. It's amazing to see how powerful today's laptops are, especially in an emergency.

Topics: iPhone, Apple, Laptops

Joel Evans

About Joel Evans

With more than 15 years of mobile, Internet and wireless experience, Joel specializes in taking existing brands and technologies into the mobile and wireless space. Joel is currently the VP of Strategy Integration for Mobiquity, an enterprise-class mobile solutions provider.

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  • Wow

    Batteries have improved. Can I have the 1min, I wasted reading this, back please?
    Little Old Man
    • Two minutes...surely

      One minute to read and, I'd guess, at least another to reply. It's rather ironic that you chose to double down. Was it just because the blogger was positive about an Apple product? Surely not.

      Joel didn't say that laptops from another manufacturer wouldn't give similar results....he didn't make a big deal about it by writing 2,000 words, he simply shared an anecdote.

      Perhaps you should consider developing a sense of perspective..or irony....or maybe consider that not all ZDNet readers share your particular set of experiences and perspective.
      • Sorry, this was an ironic article


        Sorry you didn't like my feedback, in future we must all be positive or say nothing. That's the way we progress.

        If we're talking irony, check out the length of your critique compared to my one liner.

        My single regret; I fell for the clickbait and doubled down with the comment.
        Little Old Man
        • Irony abounds...

          Your response to my response was longer than your original many cumulative minutes now? Please read this as being written with a smile.

          Batteries are better now....with a particular and personal anecdote in support. Where's the harm?
    • Batteries are the same

      Ironically, the battery tech is hardly improving. Not in power density. The greatest improvement to the batteries used in the MacBook Air is that they are designed to last over 1000 cycles until retaining only 80% of capacity (which is hardly the case with the typical laptop battery).

      Perhaps the "news" is that a tiny notebook, such as the MacBook Air is able to fully recharge two phones at the same time, while still having plenty of power left. On the other hand, the MacBook Air has an battery with a capacity in the range of the new iPad.

      For situations like this, I would rather use an external battery pack, but an emergency is an emergency.
  • I realling was expecting to

    read something amazing. This should be a Facebook post, not a ZDNet post.
  • What a stupid article

    This guy should be fired. What the hell was the point of this? How is this news? You can charge any phone off of any laptop. Another worthless Apple fanboy breathing in air.
  • I'll do you one better

    I can charge my Nokia Lumia 920 from my Microsoft Surface RT.
    • toddy

      Can you? Ever tried? :)