Chat with a global wireless provider: A Netuitive customer profile

Chat with a global wireless provider: A Netuitive customer profile

Summary: Predictive analytics have become an important tool for application performance management. A chat with a Netuitive customer, a global wireless telecommunications company, points out how.

TOPICS: Data Centers

What tangible benefits have you received through the use of this product?

Almost immediately, the Netuitive solution began demonstrating its value. Netuitive's composite Application Health Score and Service Health Dashboards gave our IT organization its first ever at-a-glance insight into the real-time performance of the point-of-sale retail application from a location, geographic, channel, or company-wide perspective.

Unlike conventional monitoring solutions that we use--that generate more data, graphs, and meters than anyone could ever use or understand--the Netuitive Application Performance Scorecard combines complexly related information into the simplicity and clarity of a single number, prominently displayed in the monitoring console. The higher the number, the healthier the application, and the better the business is performing. Color coding of individual elements, business KPIs, or locations in shades of green, amber, and red enables IT staff to quickly isolate a developing issue calling for proactive resolution to avoid a more serious problem.

Netuitive also enabled our IT staff to drill down from the main console for really useful cross-platform visibility into IT, customer experience, and business activity metrics, and to understand their impact on one another. As far as we know, only Netuitive provides this statistical correlation by continuously self-learning and reporting the relationship of various IT infrastructure, application, and business KPIs.

We were pleased to learn that Netuitive understands our environment's full range of normal operating characteristics and can trend expected systems, application, and business behavior. It can accurately identify and alert our staff to the leading indicators of performance issues hours before they become problems.

Topic: Data Centers


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