Chat with a global wireless provider: A Netuitive customer profile

Chat with a global wireless provider: A Netuitive customer profile

Summary: Predictive analytics have become an important tool for application performance management. A chat with a Netuitive customer, a global wireless telecommunications company, points out how.

TOPICS: Data Centers

Can you discuss a specific incident in which this product (Netuitive) proved itself to you?

Sure. In fact, we had an interesting incident on November 30, last year, one week after Black Friday. Netuitive was monitoring both the performance of JVMs for our Point of Sales system, as well as the performance of the mainframe, which processes transactions on the back end of the PoS system. Netuitive was warning us that the mainframe was experiencing historically "abnormal" transaction rates. Unfortunately, we were not paying attention to the mainframe alerts at the time, and this eventually led to a slowdown in the performance of the application clusters responsible for the user interface or "front end" of the POS system. Our application support team was simply not used to having visibility into the mainframe that Netuitive was providing.

Netuitive helped us learn two things. First during this slowdown of the system, we were able to correlate this to a drop in gross sales in stores for the region affected. We saw this in real time for the first time and that just blew us away. Secondly, we realized that had we started to look into things when there was abnormal behavior in the mainframe that Netuitive warned us about, this whole incident could have been prevented instead of having a significant business impact, even in the short time the system was slow. This really blew me away.

Results of the three-week pilot project validated to our IT organization that automated analytics was a necessary part of its goal to achieve 99.99 percent availability of the point-of-sale application--and that Netuitive predictive analytics is the only solution that meets that requirement. Analyzing and correlating nearly 1 million KPIs from 6,000 managed elements, Netuitive proved conclusively that it can deliver the fifth dimension of APM.

Topic: Data Centers


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