Cherry launches keyboard for Linux users

Cherry launches keyboard for Linux users

Summary: Linux fans will soon be able to buy a keyboard that has hot keys for using Web browsers, office and multimedia applications on a Linux PC

Keyboard manufacturer Cherry has announced a specially designed Linux keyboard that will be available in the UK, Ireland and Germany later this year.

The Cherry CyMotion Master Linux keyboard has the Linux penguin logo, Tux, instead of the Windows start key and features 29 hot keys. The hot keys are configured for the Linux operating system and desktop applications, simplifying actions such as cutting, copying and pasting text, and moving between Web pages.

Cherry has produced the keyboard in cooperation with Linux distributor SuSE. Stefan Kummer, product manager at Cherry, said it decided to make the keyboard after talking to SuSE at the CeBIT trade show in March, and had suggested to SuSE that it made sense to design a keyboard specifically for Linux.

Kummer has already found some users keen to simply replace the Windows start key with Tux.

"Linux users don't want to have a Windows button. Three years ago we had a request from a customer to produce specially made keyboards which replaced the Windows logo with Tux, but had absolutely no extended functionality," he said.

Kummer said that there are no plans for future Linux configured products.

"We want to first see if the product is successful. The Windows market is bigger, but other manufacturers have yet to focus on the Linux market."

A UK spokesman for Cherry said that the keyboard will cost £29.99. It will be on sale from October.

Cherry CyMotion Master Linux keyboard

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  • How about a photo?

    The Internet IS a visual medium...
  • For those who want to see a photo of this new keyboard (albeit small) check the link below.

    Thanks but no thanks, I think I will stick with my happy hacking keyboard.
  • Quite right too. Photo now posted.
  • Seems kind of silly. Many linux distrobutions have already remapped the keys so that all the WinSnooze keys are functional.

  • Very expensive.
    Not ergonomic.
    Bad look.
    Only for customer loyalty. But linux is not a commercial product.
    For intuition and accessibility, Ctrl, Alt, Alt Gr is too much.
  • Finally, linux appears to be taking over the windows desktop. I don't use extended keys or the Win Key in normal use on the console, but I'll be the first in line to buy this keyboard just to support the linux migration. Now we just need a Tux Mouse and Tux Webcam, lol.
  • Hey, if the backslash key is in the right place (between enter and backspace), I'll take one, just for the hell of it.
  • cool, but considering that I just use an SGI-Unix keyboard, not every keyboard still an exsistance has the windows logo on it. But if I don't watch it, Gates himself might come over here and replace my ALT key with one ^_^
  • I'm underwhelmed. What I need is a Unicode keyboard so I can use my keyboard in different countries. Ever go to a Cyber Cafe in Athens?
  • Why so expensive? Is there some sort of daemon provided by the manufacturer to make the hotkeys work as expected?
  • Will buy it!!!
  • Why a keyboard especially for Linux ?

    Wouldn't it be simpler to provide Windows, Linux, BSD, KDE, GNOME keys in a bag with the keyboard ?

    User would have only with set the keys which are appropriate to him...
  • No Info on website at present but address is Part No. - G86-21070 and box contains full version of Suse Linux.
  • Would have been a great article if there was some links to where the keyboard can be purchased. Or atleast links to the Distributor
  • WE WANT A LINK!!!!!!
    this is a must have for any linux user ^_^
    comon people wheres the damn link?

    p.s it looks freakin sweeeeet!!!!!