China approves Google-Motorola Mobility deal

China approves Google-Motorola Mobility deal

Summary: Approval represents last regulatory hurdle for Web giant to develop its own line of smartphones, after U.S. and Europe gave their blessings in February, according to report.


Chinese authorities have given its greenlight for Google to ratify its US$12.5 billion purchase of phonemaker Motorola Mobility, according to Reuters.

In a report on Saturday, the news wire stated that China's approval was the last regulatory hurdle to the deal that would allow the Internet giant to develop its own line of mobile phones. United States and Europe had already approved the deal in February, it added.

"Our stance since we agreed to acquire Motorola has not changed, and we look forward to closing the deal," Google spokeswoman Niki Fenwick said in the report, confirming that the Chinese had approved the deal.

One unnamed source added that a main condition for the Chinese to approve the sale was for the Android operating system to remain free and open for five years, Reuters stated.

Google had announced plans to buy over Motorola Mobility in August last year, in order to "supercharge" the entire Android ecosystem and to better protect itself from ongoing patent lawsuits.

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