China Mobile connects to the rest of the world

China Mobile connects to the rest of the world

Summary: China is looking to expand its mobile and cloud services to the rest of the world

TOPICS: Data Centers, China

In a town where commercial real estate is the most expensive in the world, approaching $250 per square foot in prime areas, Hong Kong, China Mobil subsidiary China Mobil International (CMI) has opened a quarter-million square foot global network center to connect their services from China to the rest of the world.

According to reports from, the new facility, which will be the landing site for a new submarine cable connecting Hong Kong to the rest of Asia; it will be providing a broad range of services to China Mobil International customers. The facility will also be the global Network Operations Center for CMI as well as the home of their Internet and Cloud datacenters.

The plans include hosting a number of international services such as Ethernet private lines and private leased circuits as well as the technologies necessary to support CMI’s plans for international expansion.

So while western firms look for ways to take advantage of China as a huge potential market for their products and services, China Mobil will be coming at their customers by expanding their reach outside of their traditional market. The level of investment being made in this networking center and other parts of their infrastructure make it quite clear how serious that CMI is about competing in the world market.

Topics: Data Centers, China

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  • Some mistakes in the article

    Average real estate prices in Hong kong is around $2750 per square foot not $250