China passes US on 'World's Fastest Supercomputer' list (photos)

China passes US on 'World's Fastest Supercomputer' list (photos)

Summary: China's Tianhe-2 or MilkyWay-2 supercomputer surpassed the power of the US Titan to take over the top spot on's semi-annual list. Here are the top 10.

TOPICS: Data Centers

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  • (Image: Fujitsu)

    K Computer

    Japan's K Compter was built by Fujitsu, and is another former World's Fastest Supercomputer. It's now the fourth fastest.

    Cores: 705,024

    Linpack performance (Rmax): 10,510.0 TFlop/s

    Theoretical peak (Rpeak): 11,280.4 TFlop/s

    Power: 12,659.89kW

    Memory: 1,410,048GB

    Operating system: Linux

  • (Image: IBM)


    The fifth-fastest supercomputer is IBM's Mira-BlueGene/Q, which is located at the Argonne National Laboratory in Argonne, Illinois, and is operated by the DOE.

    Cores: 786,432

    Linpack performance (Rmax): 8,586.6 TFlop/s

    Theoretical peak (Rpeak): 10,066.3 TFlop/s

    Power: 3,945.00kW

    Operating system: Linux

  • (Image: Dell)


    The Dell-built Stampede supercomputer takes sixth place on the list. It's being operated by the University of Texas in Austin.

    Cores: 3,120,000

    Linpack performance (Rmax): 33,862.7 TFlop/s

    Theoretical peak (Rpeak): 54,902.4 TFlop/s

    Power: 17,808.00kW

    Memory: 1,024,000GB

    Operating system: Kylin Linux

Topic: Data Centers

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  • China passes US on 'World's Fastest Supercomputer' list

    Kudos, National University of Defense Technology.
  • Interesting Top500 Stats

    Timothy Prickett-Morgan has some nice commentary on the evolution of the Top500 here:
  • China has the world's fastest computer.

    But of course they do. They didn't invent any of this stuff; but they are masters at stealing industrial secrets and blackmailing companies wanting access to their industrial infrastructure (read: facilities and cheap, cheap labor) into "voluntarily" turning their processing and manufacturing secrets over to them. Why invent it when it's so much easier to steal it? Capitalist greed will be the ruin of this country; wait and see..
    • Cheap Labor.

      Yeah, right with their cheap labor they can afford to hand over one GFlop of calculations to each person in the country and whip if any of them is unable to do them in cone second they would be whipped and sent to the Mao school of retraining ! Can't understand why they invested in all this tech stuff.
  • And still... can't play Crysis with graphics settings maxed out.
  • # 6 Error

    The specs on the #6 computer is the same as the #1 computer.
  • Is that "Supercomputer" As In "Singular"?

    Misnomers truly annoy me... these are technically clusters and arrays, and far from being a singular computer. What would be interesting though, would be to see what actual processors are being used as well as type of memory.

    With that said, I wonder why DOE would need them... NSA or DHS, yes... DOE, not.
    • according to Mariam Webster:

      Main Entry: su·per·com·put·er
      Pronunciation: \-kəm-ˌpyü-tər\
      Function: noun
      Date: 1967
      : a large very fast mainframe used especially for scientific computations

      So...I don't see what your problem is.
    • DOE ... Yes

      one use is for simulation of atomic weapons.
  • 1 Chinese super computer gobbles up power for 17,000 houses!

    By "high Chinese standards" and average US consumption, the Tianhe-2 requires the power of 17,000 homes @ 1,000 kw/household to reach it's full potential . The implications are legion especially in lieu of the funding and managing entity, a.k.a. "China's National University of Defense Technology". NSA and the "Spook community" are crapping their collective pants !
  • that's a lot of ram!!!

    Over a million
  • Comment 66j_t6

    Actually this system is #16, the first 15 belong to us, but that is classified info.
  • Specs wrong on #6

    The specifications on #6 are a copy of the #1...
  • Well Kudos to Chinese for implementing a supercomputer!

    My felicitation to your people for contriving a super computer under several hardships and impediments. Whatever others may state you have achieved where several failed... Again congratulations!.

  • What no Windows?

    Or MacOS? Is this the beginning of Linux's take over of the OS World? I sure hope so