Chinese regulators drop in on Microsoft

Chinese regulators drop in on Microsoft

Summary: Chinese government investigators dropped in on multiple Microsoft offices throughout the country, according to reports.


Chinese government regulators have made visits to multiple Microsoft offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu, but it's unclear what investigators were looking for.

msft china screen

A Microsoft spokeswoman confirmed the visits, but didn't give a reason for the inspections. Reports of the sudden visits, or raids, were reported in the South China Morning Post and Reuters.

Microsoft and the Chinese government have had their run-ins of late due to the end of support for Windows XP as well as the Edward Snowden revelations about the NSA. The Snowden fallout has hurt business for many U.S. companies operating in China. Meanwhile, Chinese regulators are also looking into Qualcomm's business practices.

The State Administration for Industry and Commerce sent investigators to the Microsoft offices. Microsoft is cooperating.

The South China Morning Post noted that the Chinese government has been worried about Windows 8 security as well as pricing.

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  • Chinese regulators drop in on Microsoft

    The investigators were looking for the source code to Microsoft Windows. If Microsoft won't willingly give it up then the Chinese government will take it through any means they can.
    • but, m$ DOES offer source code under NDA

      to large customers. Of course, you would have mentioned that in other places where it was convenient, such as when bashing open source software.

      Wonder about how many tongues you have but not about how you use them.
      • You pull off the classic "pot calling the kettle black" thing

        really well, GrabBoyd
    • Source Code

      They already have much of the source code for XP and I think Windows 7. Since they rejected Windows 8 I wonder if they will create a fork in Windows.
      • Probably harder to pirate Windows 8.

        looking for some way to keep from purchasing all those licenses.
    • The Chinese Gov Already Has Source Code

      When reviewing it they discovered it was so badly written they banned w8.
      Alan Smithie
      • Troll Post

        At least according to ZDnet the reason they banned W8.X is because they could not get the all of source code. There is a reasonable chance they have it anyway.

        Your post is simply a troll.
        • The Chinese

          are the oldest continual civilisation on Earth, underestimate them at your peril.
          Alan Smithie
    • That would be why...

      MS opened up inspection centers for government institutions last year, with the first being in China, with the specific aim of them being able to examine the source code and see for themselves, whether there are any back doors in the code...
  • Just looks like the Chinese want to rip off MS

    Why would they be randomly inspecting their facilities?
    Everyone is up in arms about the NSA snooping, but its not MS fault.
    • So What ?

      MS have been ripping people off for years
      Alan Smithie
  • sounds like a shakedown from the Chineses govt is coming

    making me rethink the wisdom is selecting Lenova products and how long before ggle offices get visited. Does Amazon have a presence in China?
  • maybe one day, when they take over U.S.,

    they can "drop-in" on their criminal HQ.
    • MS is going to take over the US?

      • china

        of course, as a m$ sheep, you are clueless about whats going on.
        • Thank's GrabBoyd, for taking my test

          Obviously you were talking about China, as they were doing the "dropping in" not MS.

          I wrote what I did as I was just curious as to what your response would be, and you pretty much came back with the response I expected. And you have the audacity to call others sheep, and clueless?

          It confirms that you are a sheep yourself, marching to the beat of an MS competitor, quick to maginalize anyone with an oposing POV as "a sheep".

          Thanks for playing, GrabBoyd!

      • MS is going to take over the US?

        yes, and they have been now for the last 2 decades

        the US literally pays for the ENTIRE Chinese military via US bonds and securities owned by the Chinese government.

        m$ sheep
  • Pure speculation

    I am willing to bet that, so far, none of you (or I) have any idea of what is going on and those of you making bold (and bald) assertions are just speculating.

    I wonder how useful your comments are in other contexts. Equally speculative when you talk about things about which you know little or nothing?
  • Well..

    ..knowing Microsofts reputation this bust by the Chinese could be for absolutely anything being the devious company they are
  • Sounds dramatic

    That sounds dramatic but isn't with the facts presented. Regulators drop in on companies in every country, and it's nothing sinister. Tax audits are pretty common along with worker safety and hazardous materials handling.
    Buster Friendly