Choosing a smartphone? Consider the OS

Choosing a smartphone? Consider the OS

Summary: If your phone contract is about to expire, there's a very good chance that the next phone you get will be an all-singing, all-dancing smartphone. But which operating system should you go for?

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Topics: Mobility, Smartphones

Ben Woods

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With several years' experience covering everything in the world of telecoms and mobility, Ben's your man if it involves a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other piece of tech small enough to carry around with you.

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  • > I also like that plugging an Android phone into a PC to charge or transfer
    > files will give the option to appear as another drive, allowing you to drag
    > and drop files to your heart's content.

    Except it doesn't work with the HTC Sensation. In fact, I can't get Windows 7 to recognise it or sync it using HTC Sync, and that seems to be a common problem. AirDroid works but doesn't provide a way to back up all your contacts; and it doesn't yet work with videos, only with photos....
    Jack Schofield